A basketball player, a rapper and a boxer, united in the cause of freedom in Cuba

Enes Kanter Freedomformer NBA basketball player and human rights activist, participated in a video together with the Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugás and the Cuban rapper El Funky to express their solidarity with the cause of freedom in Cuba.

“I am here with my two heroes,” Kanter Freedom said, before stating that his message to the people is that “one day there will be freedom in Cuba,” and that his message to the Cuban regime is that “all dictatorships fall.”

“Believe me, the Cuban people will have freedom again,” said the Swiss-born basketball player of Turkish parents, who legally added the name Freedom to his last name in 2021, when he became a United States citizen. Freedom means freedom.

Rapper Eliécer Márquez “El Funky”, interpreter of Patria y Vida and winner of two Latin Grammy Awards, said in the video that the people of Cuba should not lose hope or faith. “From exile we are supporting them. Homeland and Life”.

“You have to keep fighting, you have to have a lot of faith,” said Ugás, a former world champion in the welterweight category. “After 63 years, I hope that Cuba can live in freedom.”

“From exile we are going to support them so that they can live in freedom,” said the boxer who usually enters the ring with the music of “Patria y Vida” in the background and with those same words on his clothing.

“Thank you Enes for your support. The exile and people of Cuba who suffer under the 63-year dictatorship thank you forever for your dedication,” Ugás said later, in a comment posted on Twitter.

Also in a separate message, Kanter Freedom said that the time has come for “the world to support Cuba.”



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