2022 Malaysia Badminton Women’s Doubles Final Rahayu/Fadia vs Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu Full Video Replay【Excellent Live】

  You Live News:On July 3rd, Beijing time, the 2022 Malaysian Badminton Open ushered in the women’s doubles final. Guoyu’s new star Zheng Yu/Zhang Shuxian played against Indonesian combination Lahayu/Fadia. After three hard battles, the Guoyu combination lost 1-2 to their opponents and missed the championship.

 game review;

In the first game, the competition between the two sides was very fierce, and everyone’s level was very close. At the critical stage, Zheng Yu’s serve began to be targeted by the opponent again. At 18-20, it was Zheng Yu’s service round. Her forehand served was successfully counterattacked by the opponent, and she lost the first game 18-21.

In the second game, the opening stage was similar to that of the first game. It was worrying when Zheng Yu served. The opponent’s culling caused a lot of trouble for Guoyu. We can only rely on a strong defense and the other side to deal with. After the break between the games, Lahayu/Fadia’s mistakes began to increase. The Chinese team played a 4-0 climax. After the opponent scored 1 point, they played 7-0. Zhang Shuxian performed very well in the second half. Speed ​​and consistency put a lot of pressure on the opponent. In the end, they won the second game 21-12.

In the decisive game, the Chinese women’s doubles did well in the opening stage, leading by three points at one time, but the opponent played very tenaciously and quickly tied the score. In this way, the two sides once fought to 15 levels. The opponent scored consecutively, Zheng Yu made another tee shot, and unfortunately lost the game 21-19.



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