1100 firefighters prove their skills in Oberalm

In 2021 Corona threw a spanner in the works, but this Saturday it was time again: 175 Salzburg fire brigade groups with more than 1,100 members proved what they could do. “The state competition is a visible indicator of the level of training and team spirit. In Salzburg we are proud of our firefighters,” emphasized Governor Wilfried Haslauer at the start of the competition.

At the performance competition of the Salzburg fire brigades in Oberalm, Florianis from all over the country measure their skills.
The volunteer fire brigades in the state have more than 17,000 members, and there are also 1,255 active youth fire brigades. Every two years, strength and ability are measured in a performance competition, in which a firefighting attack and a relay race over 400 meters must be completed. “Organizing such a major event requires a great deal of logistics, coordination and active commitment from the entire team and builds a bond,” said Governor Wilfried Haslauer appreciatively. “Our firefighters are ready day and night when it comes to protecting people’s lives.”

Groups of nine women and men with fixed tasks compete for the coveted bronze and silver performance badges, 100 experienced judges ensure a fair evaluation. “The comrades have prepared intensively for the competition. Today you can really feel the enthusiasm to put your own skills to the test,” emphasizes State Fire Brigade Commander Günter Trinker.

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