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The shoulder is the only joint in our body that rotates 360 degrees. It is said that the range of activity is wide and the amount of use is increased accordingly, so it is said that it moves 3,000 to 4,000 times a day. Because of this, it is said that about six out of ten Korean adults experience shoulder pain. We found out what the symptoms are and what to do to prevent or treat it with Dong-Hoo Kim, an orthopedic surgeon.

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Actions to avoid use the shoulders a lot, of course, but we don’t actually use them a lot in our daily activities. In fact, I never raise my arms more than 90 degrees when I use a computer, study hard, or even see a doctor.

But badminton, tennis, and suddenly grabbing a distant object, we think we all use a lot of degenerative changes, but one overdue action works almost the same as doing it many times. Therefore, the act of suddenly lifting a heavy object can be considered very bad.

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It seems that young people tend to overlook the pain a little, and the elderly people get sick at my age. What will happen if I leave this alone?

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The rotator cuff is a piece of tissue that attaches to bones and turns into tendons. So our friends who exercise a lot, Amara or Frodo muscle files come once in a while. But beyond that, if the ligaments and rotator cuff are ruptured, they cannot regenerate themselves. A typical example is the knee meniscus, the cruciate ligament we know best. Even though I have had surgery three times, the cruciate ligament file does not come back and the Achilles tendon, as everyone knows, this is a natural operation, the rotator cuff itself is a tissue that does not regenerate itself because blood vessels do not circulate.

And small ruptures progress gradually. So, the muscle strength is weakened, but the rotator cuff itself cannot heal itself, so small ruptures gradually progress.

The moment of muscle weakness has already progressed a lot, and in severe cases, shoulder arthropathy due to rotator cuff tear, as shown in the photo, may require reversal and retrograde artificial joints among artificial joints and artificial joints.

This is an X-ray image of a retrograde artificial joint with MRI findings of a rotator cuff file.

In the past, the surgical method for rotator cuff tear was to open it and attach a tendon directly to the bone in this way. Now, the case of sutures is almost 100%.

And in the case of arthroscopic surgery, I tried animation in this way, and what I see now is the supraspinatus tendon. In the case of supraspinatus muscle rupture, we usually drill a hole from the front and back, observe from the back, and walk in the front, then drill a hole on the outside and pass an anchor thread into the bone in this way, usually about two or so, and the tendon passes through the thread. Then, tie it on the inside and drill two holes on the outside to attach the tendon again in an X shape. This type is a picture of sutures through a technique called bridge sutures.

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It would be great to return to daily life immediately after surgery, but it seems that the recovery time will be very different depending on the patient’s age and health condition. How about?

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Rehabilitation after a rotator cuff tear may take longer than expected.

The rotator cuff is usually an abduction orthosis for 6 weeks as shown, and an orthosis that spreads the arms. Because the rotator cuff attaches in this way from above, if you attach your arm like this, this travel distance becomes longer. Severe people use it for two months or up to eight weeks, and usually, after about three weeks, they start passive exercise, lifting their arms through a machine instead of lifting them themselves. Start exercising to recover. (REDACTED)



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