Ziganda’s curious reflection after leaving Oviedo: “There are few rational people in football and the clubs are afraid”

Ziganda, this morning in El Alcoraz

Cuco Ziganda, already a former coach of Oviedo, was presented this morning as Huesca’s new coach and left several reflections on how he sees the world of football. The statements come after his departure from Oviedo, after he himself communicated his desire to leave the entity. The blue club did not come up with a renewal offer, waiting for the arrival of a new sports director, but they had the coach for the following season. Days after saying goodbye to him, Cuco’s reflections, without mentioning Oviedo, seem to refer to his time at the Carbayón club. These were his statements.

Why do you choose Huesca?

“One already has an experience and a few years. We know the peaks that football has, how it is lived and with what little rationality. There are people who are inside football and are guided by the environments and extra-sports things. There are few rational people, who breathe football and believe in projects. Huesca is one of those clubs that believe in projects. It is no coincidence that it has grown so much in the last twenty years. That Ángel Martín is there, being surrounded by trusted people, with whom you can get along, it’s important. In this world so aggressive and so full of spikes, that has encouraged me a lot to come here ”

His two-year contract

“It is not the norm that they offer you two years. There are clubs that are so afraid of not getting it right that they give you a year and if you go wrong… That’s how you start with doubts. Wanting someone to come, and sending you that message, is not positive. They know me, they know I’m not going to give anything away.”



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