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Badminton Talk

SF MD – #DIM2022 Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto (INA/5) vs He Jiting/Zhou Haodong (CHN) 21-17 21-17 WINNING TO THE FINALLL.

Badminton Talk

QF – #DIM2022 MD Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto (INA/5) vs Lee Yang/Wang Chi Lin (TPE/3) 21-15 21-18 Entering the LUR semifinals!! Tomorrow against He Jiting and Zhou Haodong..

A. Ainur Rohman

YES!!!! FINALLY!!! Fajar/Rian vs He/Zhou 21-17, 21-17. Since losing in round 1 of All England 2022, Fajar / Rian have risen and are very consistent by reaching 4 finals in the last 5 individual tournaments. Of course, it’s still not over. Finish tomorrow!

Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN

Chequered flag 🏁 P7 for @ZhouGuanyu24 and P11 for @ValtteriBottas. It’s a first ever Q3 for Zhou!!! 👏 #CanadianGP.


⚠️ | The FIA has taken no further action on Sainz, Leclerc and Albon allegedly driving unnecessarily slowly. Zhou receives a reprimand for failure to follow race directors instructions..

Formula 1 Blog 🏁

CANADA QUALI GP: Best starting position for Alonso since 2012 Best starting position for Hamilton in 2022 Best starting position for Magnussen since 2019 Best starting position for Schumacher in his career Best starting position for Zhou in his career.

Ferrari News 🐎

🎙| Binotto on customer teams: “I don’t think the issue with Zhou is related to power unit. Whatever is happening there is useful. We do not supply customer teams for business, but for feedback. So whatever is happening is useful, and we will analyse it.”.

Dan Castell

Got to love a Twitter conspiracy theory. Here’s a new one, Alfa Romeo deliberately retired Zhou as to make sure he doesn’t have any chance of meeting that criteria of 1/3 of Bottas’ points by Hungary to automatically renew his contract for next year. Funny stuff.

Carol Politta

Zhou happy to go to Q3 🥹 I really hope the car is good tomorrow and he can score again.


Nobody talked about Guanyu Zhou qualifying in front of Bottas for the second time in a row, scoundrels!.

MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP

Asked about customer equipment withdrawals: 🎙 Binotto: We need to look into it. Zhou’s withdrawal is not related to the supply components, but we must understand it. Whatever happens there, it’s always helpful. #AzerbaijanGP #F1.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP,MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

Elijah 🏎️🏁 // Just like Javier

Alonso > Max > Sainz > Tsunoda (sorry, I really like sushi) > Russell > Vettel > Bottas > Zhou is banked on this account. And don’t bank Schumancho, Gasly son of a bitch, Lecrash, Hamiltongo, Stroll, Ocon. The rest peels me a little..


In the #CanadianGP qualifying, Zhou arrived in Q3 for the first time 📈.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by MULTIFORMULA,MULTIFORMULA on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

「Racing Alert」🏁

🚨 UPDATES 🚨 No penalty Sainz, Leclerc, Albon and Zhou following their post-Qualifying investigations. So they keep their positions in that they qualified for tomorrow in Canada..

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by 「 Alerta Racing 」🏁,「 Alerta Racing 」🏁 on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP

Final #AzerbaijanGP Verstappen Pérez Russell Hamilton Gasly Vettel Alonso Ricciardo Norris Ocon Bottas Albon Tsunoda Mick Schumacher Latifi Stroll out Magnussen out Zhou out Leclerc out Sainz out #F1.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP,MotorLat #AzerbaijanGP on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

Zhou Chu

@Kim3Fat @pinetworkerstor Seeing the chaos in the literary and art circles, education circles, and local government bureaucracy today, I know that the original intention of the Cultural Revolution was right, but what was wrong was the expansion and violence below.

Cheemco Péremz

Max is 1st, Carlos is positioned 2nd and Fernando Alonso is 3rd. Great job also from Guanyu Zhou and Mick Schumacher..

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by Cheemco Péremz,Cheemco Péremz on twitter tweets Zhou Photo


@C1rcusMaximus and many more confused, not knowing if they should be happy for fernando, haas, zhou and max or crying because of seb, valtteri, checo and charles.

Zou Yilu (Hachioji select shop)

[Wearing items]Tachibana-san ・ Tops (KAORU ZHOU) ・ Pants (KAORU ZHOU) Saku-san @saku_no_tbyk ・ Blouson (@KENTA_Needles) ・ T-shirt (Lau made in Japan).

Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto qualified for the final of the Indonesia Masters 2022 after defeating He Ji Ting/Zhou Hao Dong (China).

Naca ⁵

“The one of Zhou is maybe not related to our supply components.” – Mattia Binotto.


Note to Zhou – if it weren’t for the constant reliability problems, I could already have good points in the championship. I think the kid has a lot of potential, and I’m enjoying watching him run. All you need is luck and a car that doesn’t die every Sunday #F1naSPORTTV.


#ZhangZhehan Undubbed scene between Zhou Zishu and his cousin 🙌.

indi 🪩🧡

I can’t believe Charles would steal Zhou’s caption like that 😫.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by indi 🪩🧡,indi 🪩🧡 on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

connor edwards

@JamesKurt_44 Hamilton P4 but with an interesting low downforce set-up, George tried his luck on slicks at the end, it went predictably as there was a three-foot puddle on the Apex of T1, Zhou Guanyu is quite good, Alonso will hopefully dive Max into T1, Perez crashed and got stuck at T3 ..

Leclerc enthusiast ¹⁶

Zhou outqualifies his teammate by tenths and no will care about it but when Mick gets P6 and gets 4 tenths dunk on his head by Magnussen everyone says that he deserves a better car 😭 This Zhou disrespect is insane..

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by Leclerc enthusiast ¹⁶,Leclerc enthusiast ¹⁶ on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

John Calderon

Q2 of the #AzerbaijanGP ends. Very close the Ferrari and the RedBull. Both Mercedes enter Q3. Excellent job by Vettel getting that Aston Martin into the top10. Out were: P11 Norris P12 Ricciardo P13 Ocon P14 Zhou P15 Bottas.

Rauðgrani ᚱᛆᚢᚦᚴᚱᛆᚿᛁ

Was King Zhou of Shang really as decadent as we are told in later histories? That he starved people deliberately and had a whole artificial pond of wine just so he could sail on it. Or did he just get overthrown by a rival and then slanders heaped on him over time?.


😱 Another Ferrari engine failed in Azerbaijan. After Sainz, Leclerc and Zhou, Magnussen became DNF. #AzerbaijanGP | #F1.

Zhou Photo,Zhou Photo by F1Time,F1Time on twitter tweets Zhou Photo

Olivier Larue

With the withdrawals of Magnussen and Zhou, 4 Ferrari-powered cars retired in this race. It’s obviously too early to know if the problems are related, but it’s hard not to see a common denominator.



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