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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 21 (Reporters Ding Wenxian, Xu Shihao) The World Badminton Federation announced on the 21st that the Chinese Olympic “double champion” Zhao Yunlei was inducted into the BWF Hall of Fame, along with Indonesian doubles star Liliana Nasir. .

According to the BWF, Zhao Yunlei was the most versatile doubles athlete of her era; for a long time, her dominance in mixed doubles and women’s doubles was unmatched.

In the more than 20 years that she has been associated with badminton, Zhao Yunlei has won two Olympic gold medals and five World Championship gold medals, and has achieved the finals of the Olympic Games, World Championships, Asian Games, Asian Championships, All England and the World Badminton Super Series. Grand Slam achievements such as major championships. She won the women’s doubles and mixed doubles titles with Tian Qing and Zhang Nan at the 2012 London Olympics, and won the mixed doubles bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She is the only one who has won two gold medals in one Olympics. He is also the only badminton player who has won two doubles titles in two consecutive World Championships.

BWF President Larson congratulated Zhao Yunlei: “Being inducted into the BWF Hall of Fame is the greatest tribute to badminton players. The Hall of Fame aims to recognize the elite among the elite, and Zhao Yunlei deserves a place. Winning an Olympic or World Championship gold medal is a great honor. The dream of most athletes, and Zhao Yunlei has won the double championship in these two competitions, which is an amazing achievement.”

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Zhao Yunlei said she was very happy: “I would like to thank the World Badminton Federation for giving me the highest honor in the world badminton world. This is the greatest affirmation of my athlete career.” She said that being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a new beginning, and she will continue to forge ahead and innovate. , committed to the development and promotion of badminton projects.

Zhao Yunlei said that badminton not only teaches herself how to win games, but more importantly, teaches herself how to face difficulties calmly in life and on the road of life. After retiring, she actively participated in the promotion of badminton youth, hoping to pass on the spirit of sports and the Olympics to more young people.

Zhang Jun, chairman of the Chinese Badminton Association, said: “Zhao Yunlei is an outstanding representative of the badminton world. I hope that she will continue to bring her love for the sport, give full play to her advantages, and contribute to the vigorous development of the world badminton cause. At the same time, I hope that young athletes can Take the predecessors as an example, work hard with all your strength, never change your original aspiration, and make great achievements.”

On the 24th, the BWF will hold an online ceremony, when Zhao Yunlei and Nasir will officially enter the Hall of Fame.

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