“Zemgale” / LLU Continental Cup will face Skary’s “Saryarka” – Hockey

20 teams from 20 countries will compete in the Continental Cup, which will run from September this year to January 2023. The tournament will be played in four rounds, and the winner of this tournament will have the opportunity to qualify for the IIHF Champions League.

Last season, for the first time in the Continental Cup, a team from Poland triumphed, winning the Cracovia of Krakow, which will start in the Champions League.

The 25th season will start at the end of September with two first round tournaments in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Istanbul, Turkey) and the winners will qualify for the next round.

The second round will take place in France and Italy in the middle of October, and the third round, in which the Latvian unit will also compete, will take place in the middle of November, and the finalists will be determined.

“Zemgale” / LLU in the third round in Group E will compete in Great Britain with Cardiff “Devils” and Kazakhstan championship team Karaganda “Saryarka”, led by Latvian coach Pēteris Skudra and represented by several Latvian hockey players, as well as another team that will have overcome the first two rounds.

Meanwhile, Group F matches will be hosted by Nitra from Slovakia, which will compete with Oswiecim’s Unia (Poland), Kiev’s Sokil and one of the second-round winners.

The top two teams from each group will enter the final tournament.

Last season, “Olimp” / “Venta 2002” started in the Continental Cup, stopping in the third round.



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