Zach LaVine’s future contract revealed!

It’s been in the air for a few days, Zach LaVine should stay at the Bulls. It was only a question of determining what type of lease he was going to sign with them… However, the franchise has just communicated on this subject and their announcement will discourage competition.

Like Rudy Gobert and Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine was one of the big names extremely courted for the coming summer. The Chicago star had indeed been announced as leaving for a while, with the Lakers and Mavs in particular as potential drop-off points. Except that to everyone’s surprise, it will probably not be the case since the player would have decided on his futureand this one always registers with Taurus.

If this is obviously great news for Windy City, we still lacked more details on the negotiations between the two parties. Obviously, ZLV will see his wish for a max contract granted by his leaders, he who is eligible for an extension of 200 million over five years. According to Jake Fisher of Bleacher Reportthis is precisely what he should receive as an offer from his team, which thus retains the duo he has formed with DeMar DeRozan:

Max contract coming for Zach LaVine at the Bulls

The Bulls “have informed the teams” that Zach LaVine plans to sign a maximum 5-year contract with them.

This is a very big decision on the part of the Chi-Town front office, because it implies that the finances of the franchise will be blocked for a while (DMDR will touch another 55 million until 2024). Nevertheless, the tandem they form seems to have convinced everyone on the spot to give it a shot. On the fan side, we have in any case welcomed the news with great enthusiasm, already starting to dream of the title for next year:

Yes sir !

It’s confirmed, the Bulls will be champions in 2023

Zach LaVine can have a smile, he will touch the jackpot he so desired by extending to the Bulls. The fans are also happy, now remains to prove that his duo with DeMar DeRozan can carry Chicago to the end.



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