Yves Lampaert turns time trial to his will in Baloise Belgium Tour | Baloise Belgium Tour 2022

Baloise Belgium Tour: Rit 3

individual time trial Individual time trialdistance 11.8 km
location 14h17: Scherpenheuvel – 4.59 pm: Scherpenheuvel


In Scherpenheuvel, Yves Lampaert (Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl) has crowned himself the winner of the short time trial in the Baloise Belgium Tour. The Dane Mads Pedersen (Trek-Segafredo) finished 2nd and retains the leader’s jersey.

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Yves Lampaert dominates in Scherpenheuvel

In a short time trial in and around Scherpenheuvel, it looked like a stage that would have to be fought between the classification men.

Still, it seemed for a while that no one could beat the top time of young Dutchman Daan Hoole. The Trek-Segafredo rider quickly set a target time where almost all riders broke their positions.

So almost all riders. Only Yves Lampaert and Mads Pedersen managed to dive under Hoole’s time. Lampaert did that with a blistering time trial and crossed the finish line 10 seconds faster. Mads Pedersen – the leader in the standings – came to the intermediate point one second behind Lampaert and ensured a nerve-racking denouement.

In the end, the Dane had to recognize his superior in Lampaert. He finished in six seconds and was second. He remains the leader in the general classification. Daan Hoole finishes nicely in 3rd place.

Yves Lampaert: “This victory gives a boost with a view to the Tour”

“Mads Pedersen is fully preparing for the Tour, so he was a formidable opponent today. It’s great that I can beat him today. I can do my Belgian champion’s jersey again today.”

“Whether I am already certain of participating in the Tour? Not that, but I think this victory can give me a boost. I would in any case be very happy to be there. can show in the prologue in Copenhagen.”

“Tomorrow it will be a very tough ride. As a team, we mustn’t overdo it. Maybe something is possible with Schmid and Sénéchal, but Mads Pedersen certainly seems to be in great shape. Obviously it will be anything but”

“Whether corona is being discussed again in the peloton? Surely everyone wants to be healthy at the start in Denmark. We will have to apply the measures even more. With regret in the heart you have to distance yourself from the fans. “

Mads Pedersen: “Losing Yves is no shame”

“I am satisfied with this result. I knew that there were fast guys riding today. Losing Yves is no shame.”

“I’ve been practicing a lot of time trial lately and paying close attention to my position on the bike. So today was a perfect exercise with a view to the Tour”

“Tomorrow it will be a very tough stage, especially because of the heat. I normally suffer from that. Tomorrow it could therefore mean the end of my leading position. At the moment I am just very happy. I already have a first, second and third place.”


  1. 17 hours . Yves Lampaert holds his ground, Pedersen runs out at 6 seconds.

    Yves Lampaert holds out, Pedersen strands at 6 seconds

  2. 4 p.m. 58. Lampaert makes it! The Dane eventually ends up 6 seconds behind Lampaert. The Belgian was unbeatable today. 13’39” is the winning time. .
  3. 4 p.m. 57. Lampaert is biting his nails. Just under a kilometer before the Dane! †
  4. 16 hours 57. Philipsen is stranded above 14 minutes. Only Pedersen has yet to finish. †
  5. 4 pm 54. Tim Wellens will have to do it tomorrow in Durbuy. In the time trial he comes in at 13’58”. He loses almost 20 seconds on Lampaert. .
  6. 4 p.m. 53. Yves Lampaert looks doubtful. Can he feel the mood already? †
  7. 16 hours 52. Pedersen 1 second slower than Lampaert. Mads Pedersen comes very close to Lampaert! we have a duel for the win of the day. †
  8. 16 hours 52. Belgian time trial champion Yves Lampaert sets the fastest time.

    Belgian time trial champion Yves Lampaert sets the fastest time

  9. 4 pm 51. Lampaert storms to at least second place in the standings. Renaat Schotte.
  10. 4 pm 51. Not an absolute top time for Schmid. He comes in at 14 minutes. Ninth place so far. †
  11. 16 hours 49. Tim Wellens’ intermediate time is 8’04”. That is 18 seconds slower than Lampaert. .
  12. New top time for Lampaert: 13’39. What a great time from Yves Lampaert! He crosses the line ten seconds faster than Daan Hoole. Lampaert is allowed to take a seat in the hot seat. Anyone do better? † 4 o’clock 45.
  13. 4 p.m. 44. Everyone has left. Mads Pedersen has also left. What can the leader in the standings do? †
  14. 16 hours 43. Quinten Hermans is 26 seconds slower than Lampaert at the intermediate point. He must limit the damage today. †
  15. 4 pm 43. Jasper Philipsen starts in the red points jersey. Only Mads Pedersen is not yet on his way. †
  16. 7’46” for Lampaert. Nice intermediate time by Lampaert! The Belgian time trial champion does 7(!) seconds faster than Daan Hoole. A new top time seems in the making. . 16 hours 40.
  17. 4 pm 38. With Mauro Schmid we have reached the top 5. Van Poppel, Wellens, Philipsen and Pedersen are next. †
  18. 16 hours 33. Oscar Riesebeek rides a faster second part than Hoole, but ends up 2 seconds behind his compatriot. †
  19. 4 pm 31. Yves Lampaert. The classification men now start their time trial. Belgian time trial champion Yves Lampaert has just left. †


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