Young man makes fun of friend for wearing pirate sneakers and his dad forces him to go to school in flip flops

Parents have different methods to educate their children. Some use strong punishments, others opt for a spanking, some more let situations go by as if nothing happened and a few decide display them on social networks.

Such was the recent case of a young man named Jorge whom his dad recorded it to teach him a lesson in humility and respect for making fun of a classmate.

Through a video that went viral on TikTok, it can be seen that the father is inside the school of your child recording the lesson you are about to teach.

He begins by saying that he bought him some “very humble huaraches” for him to wear throughout the week. In addition to this, he must give his favorite sneakers – some original Adidas brand – to his partner Alan, whom criticized for bringing some pirate shoes.

It turns out that my son is making fun of his partner for wearing pirated sneakers, so I am going to send him all week in flip-flops so that he learns, so that he sees that he should not make people with fewer opportunities feel less “

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The father points out that fortunately now they are doing well financially due to luck, perseverance and effort, but that this does not give you the right to make fun of other people.

But that you and I have to buy original things should not make you feel better or superior to other people, nor should wearing these sandals make you feel superior or inferior. Neither does it give you the right to make fun of other people, nor of your colleagues who do not know what is happening in their lives, in their homes.

Finally, the father tells him that he is not interested in being made fun of by others because it is a lesson that he gives with a lot of love.

I love you so much, forgive me for recording this video, for doing this, for bringing you to school like this, but I’m doing it to teach you a lesson. I will not be able to leave you millions in inheritance, but I will give you values, teaching and love”

In the comments of the video they applauded the attitude of the lord for instilling values ​​in your son.




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