Yongjing Township Xingguang Bridge is wide and suitable for sports facilities | Playground | Local construction

[The Epoch Times, June 23, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xie Wunan reported in Changhua, Taiwan) Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei went to Yongjing Township Xingguang Bridge today (23rd) to conduct a survey to learn about the setting of sports facilities and found that not only the space is quite large It is spacious and can shelter from the wind and rain. In order to revitalize and make good use of the space, the Changhua County Government has actively invested 3,153,659 yuan to set up basketball courts, playgrounds and sports facilities for adults.

The county magistrate, Wang Huimei, also instructed the business unit to complete the inspection and acceptance of game equipment as soon as possible, so that the villagers could have a comfortable and high-quality rest area to use as soon as possible.

Wang Huimei said that the sports facilities under the Xingguang Bridge were proposed by local representatives. After the completion of the basketball court, game field and adult fitness facilities, there is still a lot of space. In the future, the relevant facilities will be completed as soon as possible, so that the villagers can have a better The sports facilities can be used, and the county government will also do a good job in the safety maintenance of related facilities.

Yongjing Township Mayor Zhan Mugen said that the sports facilities under the Xingguang Bridge can gain the support of the county magistrate Wang and bring considerable benefits to the local people. Help make it more fulfilling.

According to the Education Department, the “basketball court” is 2,154,659 yuan and the “game field and adult fitness facilities” is 999,000 yuan. The total cost is 3,153,659 yuan. The “basketball court” part has been completed in December 2021. It is completed and open for use. In order to facilitate the villagers to exercise at night, lighting equipment has also been installed, so that everyone can play or walk under the Xingguang Bridge with peace of mind and safety.

The Education Department pointed out that the current construction of the “game field and adult fitness facility” has also been completed, and it is expected to be open for use in July this year (2022). In addition, considering that the villagers may need to rest or place items during exercise, leisure chairs are also installed. There are 2 seats. In order to maintain sports safety, a fence is also installed around the venue. When playing basketball, you don’t have to worry about the basketball rolling onto the road.

The county government cares about the local construction of Yongjing Township. In the past three years, it has subsidized the earthquake-resistant reinforcement project of the Tongan Police Station of the Forestry Bureau, the improvement project of the rainwater sewer outlet, the establishment of the Changzhao Weifu base in the Zhuzi Community Activity Center, and the demolition and reconstruction of the old school buildings of Yongjing Middle School. Up to 262,315,000 yuan to improve the quality of life of Yongjing villagers.

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