YONEX Yonex Legend 20CAB8NGE Full Carbon Badminton Racket – Cui Chao Street

YONEX Yonex Legend 20CAB8NGE badminton racket,[full carbon]material is light and tough, the badminton racket is more durable, and it is easier to swing and catch the ball[square racket head]increases the area of ​​the sweet spot and improves your hitting efficiency[ Shock-absorbing handle]Improve your hitting feel, care for your hands to hit the ball more comfortably.

¥212.00I’m going to see >

****g:Love it, the customer service attitude is very good, the racket is very light, the quality is very good, it is worth buying, the packaging is very good

****2:The beat is very good, the way I like it

****u:Last night, I tried to pull the line, it was super cool, the smashing speed was fast, the sweet spot of hitting the ball was bigger than the previous AT700~900, and the ball fell fast through the net. Super weapon!

****e:It’s very easy to use, I like it. When playing badminton, the net surface is very elastic, and it can play far, but it is very easy. As a sports and badminton enthusiast, I feel great.

****v:The cable is pulled up, it’s not bad, the swing is very light, I hope there will be a magical discovery on the field.

u***z:The quality is very good, the color is beautiful, the hand feels comfortable, very satisfied, and the delivery is very fast.

Xia ***ning:The beat looks very good, the hand feels very good, and it is very light. It should be genuine after inspection.

middle****:The logistics is very fast, the racket is well protected, and the original racket cover is sent. The appearance looks very high, the price is very affordable, and it is not expensive. This online shopping is very pleasant, ?; racket type: relatively good at attacking

****9:The racket is super light, with great power to serve the ball, and the return speed is very good????!

4***8:The baby received the confirmation that it is genuine, looking forward to its wonderful performance, decisive five-star praise



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