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Promotional poster for the mini sports event. Provided by Ulsan City

This year’s national (disabled) athletics competition event will be simulated, promoted, and the ‘Pre-Run Mini Sports Festival’ will be held on the 26th in Ulsan Taehwagang National Garden Wangbeodeul yard to promote the ‘Harmony, Leap, Peace Sports with Citizens’. Ulsan City said on the 23rd, “As this year’s National (Disabled) Sports Festival is the first normally held in three years since Corona 19, and the first one to be held in Ulsan in 17 years, the pre-run mini sports event will raise public interest and encourage participation. We plan to expand,” he said. In the mini sports, there are 8 national sports including archery, shooting, baseball, soccer, basketball, taekwondo, boxing, and gymnastics, and 3 sports including showdown (hole table tennis), which is exclusively for the visually impaired, boccia similar to curling, and wheelchair badminton. can experience If you experience more than 5 of these 11 sports and get a stamp of confirmation, you can also receive a 5,000 won ticket to the mini-sports flea market. The opening ceremony will be held on the 26th at 11am. At the flea market, you can purchase products made by local small business owners, or experience various experiences such as calligraphy and ribbon making. Various accompanying events such as tattoo experience, inflatable slide play, magic and bubble performances, etc. will be prepared for the success of this year’s national (disabled) sports festival. At the closing ceremony, excellent participants in the mini-sports competition are awarded, and prizes are also awarded through sports-related quizzes and lucky draws. This year’s 103rd National Sports Festival will be held for 7 days from October 7th to 13th, with over 30,000 athletes and executives participating in 74 stadiums, including Ulsan Sports Complex, across 49 events (46 official, 3 demonstrations). The 42nd National Paralympic Games will be held for 6 days from October 19 to 24, in 31 sports (official 29, demonstration 2) with over 9,000 athletes and executives participating in 41 stadiums including Ulsan Sports Complex. By Shin Dong-myeong, staff reporter



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