Yannick Borel, a golden revenge for the new European champion

The French epee fencer won, this Sunday in Antalya, a 4e European title. Eleven months after the Olympic disillusionment.

July 25, 2021, Tokyo. Yannick Borel lost as soon as he entered the Olympic tournament against the Egyptian Mohamed Elsayed (18). And everything seems to be collapsing under the feet (he was diminished by a painful calf) of the French swordsman. Romain Cannone will go for the gold of surprise. He would dwell on this disappointment for a long time (“Five years that fall in less than five minutes, the blow is fatal”). The desire to stop everything touches the 2018 world champion. Before going up the stairs.

June 19, 2021. In Antalya, Romain Cannone stumbled on the first step, beaten 15-11 by Belgian Neisser Loyola on 1is round. Like Alexandre Bardenet 3e of the Monal challenge, in April in Paris. Yannick Borel won a 4th European title (2016, 2017, 2018, 2022) in epee. With to give sparkle to his revenge a sumptuous 15-1 victory in the final against the unexpected Dutchman Tristan Tulen. For Yannick Borel (33) Tokyo was suddenly very far away…



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