Wrestling Miwa Morikawa World Championship representative unofficially decided to appeal to Bud Momota “I want to be recognized!” | TV Tokyo Sports: TV Tokyo

On the 2nd day of the Meiji Cup All-Japan Selection Championship for wrestling, a total of 8 events were held at the Komazawa Gymnasium in Tokyo, which also served as the representative selection for the World Championship (September Belgrade). ) Wins. She decided to participate in the world championship.

Morikawa has been practicing on the same mat as Kaori Icho, the legend who won the Olympics for the fourth consecutive time since he entered Nippon Sport Science University.

While Icho was watching in the second today, in the semi-final of the first match, he broke with his own kumite and took the lead early, and even on the ground (ground fighting), he accumulated points without loosening his attacking hand and won 11-0. The match ended without waiting for the match time of 6 minutes.

Belongs to “prestigious” ALSOK from April

In the following final, Morikawa showed a calm match by assembling an attack from a tackle with a speed that Mr. Icho pushed the drum.

The offense and defense that read the opponent’s two steps and three steps ahead is just like Icho’s wrestling style. The 22-year-old who takes over “Icho Ism” got a ticket to the world championship.

I got a job at ALSOK from April this year. In addition to Mr. Icho, Mr. Saori Yoshida and Mr. Kosei Inoue of Judo also belonged to the so-called “prestigious”.

“There are many great seniors, so I want to work hard so that I can get to know the signboard (of the company) as much as possible,” he finished his first big job as a member of society.

Morikawa showing a two-shot with Momota with a smile.jpg

Daily encouragement is the longed-for badminton Kento Momota

As a member of society, more results are required, and I spend my days practicing, but it is Kento Momota of badminton who encourages me every day. There is a smile on his face, which looks good and says, “I have a good attitude toward the competition.” The smartphone standby is Momota’s one-shot. On the home screen, there is a two-shot that he had taken when he happened to meet at the National Training Center before the Tokyo Olympics last year.

“I want to be recognized by Momota. I wonder if I could do a little with this result.”

Aiming for the first gold medal in the world championship to convey his thoughts to Momota, who fights at the top of the world.



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