World Cup 3×3: Great start for Belgian Cats, Team USA also wins twice on day 2 | World Cup 3×3 Basketball

Day 2 of the 3×3 World Championship in Antwerp is over. Of course we especially remember the two victories of the Belgian Cats, but in the women’s tournament, Team USA also started with a 2 on 2. In the men’s tournament, Olympic champion Latvia impressed with two convincing victories.

  1. 9 p.m. 29.
  2. 9:29 PM Lithuania has finished Mongolia, it’s up to the Belgian Cats. The match against Egypt starts in a few minutes. †
  3. 8 p.m. 58. Germany gives basketball lessons. The German men weighed Taiwan and found it too light: 22-7. At 9.10 pm we watch Mongolia-Lithuania in the men’s tournament, and then close the 2nd day of this World Cup with a blast: the Belgian Cats against Egypt. †
  4. 8:31 PM Poland blows Mongolia away. What the Belgian Cats could only do with difficulty, Poland does with conviction: beat Mongolia. The Mongolian women take a solid 22-7 defeat. Because of that result, a miracle must already happen to keep the Belgian women out of the second round. †
  5. 8 pm 12. The players from Mongolia and Poland come on the field for the 1st game of the evening session. Watch now with live stream. †
  6. 6 pm 51. End of session 3. With Lithuania’s 22-15 win against Chile, today’s 3rd session is over. We’ll be back from 8.15pm with the last session. We also make an appointment with the Belgian Cats. See you later! †
  7. 6 p.m. 51.
  8. 6 p.m. 04. After Mongolia’s win against Taiwan, you can now watch the last match of this session which is Chile-Lithuania. Normally this was followed by Egypt-Dominican Republic, but as you could read here, the Dominican women sent their cat to Antwerp at the last minute. †
  9. 6 pm 03. The Belgian Cats have won their first match, but the basketball at the Groenplaats continues. You have just been able to look at the women of Mongolia, now it is the turn of the men. They are going up against Taiwan. †
  10. 6 p.m. 02.
  11. 17 hours 26. Chilean gets a hard blockshot to the ears of the German player.

    Chilean gets a hard blockshot to the ears of German player

  12. 5 p.m. 06. Cats time! In the men’s tournament, Germany was not surprised by Chile: 20-16. Now it’s up to the Belgian Cats! †
  13. 5 p.m. As a warm-up for the match of the Belgian Cats against Mongolia, you can first enjoy Germany-Chile in the men’s tournament. In half an hour it will be up to the Belgian women. †
  14. 4 p.m. 46.
  15. 15 hours 49. Latvia also eats Japan with skin and hair.

    Latvia also eats Japan with skin and hair

  16. 15 hours 48. Latvia impresses. Just like in their 1st game, the Latvians are bunching up their opponents. The Olympic champions outclass Japan: 22-5. That concludes the 2nd session. At 4.55 pm you can visit here again for more action. †
  17. 15 hours 46. American women make up for their deficit against Austria in the final.

    American women just make up for a gap against Austria in the final

  18. 15h45. Latvia-Japan at 15h55, then intermission. Austria makes American women sweat, literally and figuratively. Team USA has to go very deep to get the win, but eventually makes it 18-16 and starts its tournament with 2 on 2. You can watch Latvia-Japan in the men’s tournament in a moment, then a short break. From 4.55 pm we will be back for the 3rd session, in which the Belgian Cats also come into action for the first time. We will of course follow it with a live stream, but TV viewers can also visit One. †


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