World Cup 3×3: Enjoying Belgian Lions on day 3, see here who can already go to the next round | World Cup 3×3 Basketball

Day 3 at the World Cup 3×3 in Antwerp is over. The Belgian Lions delighted the audience with two victories, including the fantastic match against the US. Many countries have already secured a place in the 1/8th or 1/4th finals. Check it out here.

  1. 22 hours 32. Today’s balance. In the men’s tournament, two group winners are already certain of the quarterfinals: Belgium and 4-time world champion Serbia. In the group of Belgium, the US and Austria are allowed to go to the 1/8th finals. In the Serbian group these are France and New Zealand. Among the women, we already know two quarter-finalists: China and Spain. The four countries in the 1/8th finals that we already know are Canada, Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands. †
  2. 10 pm 06. Austria can thank Egypt. In today’s final match, Egypt beat Slovenia 21-17. That is especially good news for Austria, which, thanks to the defeat of Slovenia, can participate in the 1/8th finals as number 3. The tournament is over for Egypt and Slovenia. †
  3. 22 hours 04. A perfect report for the Belgians in group D, where the last match is still being played: Egypt-Slovenia. †
  4. 9 p.m. 59.
  5. 21 hours 07. The difference between Canada and the Netherlands is clear: 21-12. Canada thus becomes 2nd in the group, Orange goes as number 3 to the 1/8th finals. Just a few minutes of patience and then it’s up to the Belgian Lions. †
  6. 9 pm 06. Before it’s the turn of the Belgian Lions, we look at the Netherlands-Canada in the women’s tournament. Both countries are already certain of the 1/8th finals. This match determines who will be number 2 and who will be number 3 in the group. †
  7. 8:55 p.m. Americans take care of the show with fantastic alley-oop dunk against Egypt.

    Americans take care of the show with fantastic alley-oop dunk against Egypt

  8. 8 pm 53. The Americans beat a powerless Egypt against the Canvas with 21-11 and are thus done with the group stage. There will be one more game for Egypt, against Slovenia, but the Egyptians are already definitely out. With this victory, Team USA is also certain of the 2nd place in the group and a place in the 1/8th finals. †
  9. 8:29 PM We continue with the men. In Belgium’s group, America will compete against weak brother Egypt. Wait and see how Team USA has digested the loss against the Belgian Lions, but normally the Americans should be able to wash this pig easily. †
  10. 8 pm 11. Spain on 1. Spain takes the victory against Israel in savings mode and thus wins its group in the women’s tournament. The Spanish women are still undefeated and can go straight to the quarter-finals. †
  11. 8 pm 10. Evening session has started. We start the evening session with Israel-Spain among the women. In case of a win, the Spanish women insure themselves of the direct ticket for the quarter-finals. †
  12. 7 p.m. 4 p.m. Slovenia is doing Belgium a favor. Good news for the Belgian Lions: Slovenia has just beaten Austria in the same group. Because of this result, the Belgian men are certain of group victory and they can go straight to the quarter-finals. †
  13. 7:15 PM. Among the women, Spain, Canada and the Netherlands have qualified for the next round. It remains to be seen for sure who can go directly to the quarter-finals as the group winner, but it may well be Spain. †
  14. 6 pm 20. In the women’s tournament, Spain won the titanic duel against Canada 18-16. Things are looking good for the Spanish ladies with a view to the next round. You can now watch Chile-Netherlands in the same group. †
  15. 6:05 pm The Belgian Lions win, but the basketball fun continues. In the livestream you can enjoy the top women’s match between Canada and Spain, followed by Chile-Netherlands. †
  16. 18 hours .
  17. 4 pm 26. With the captivating match between France and New Zealand, we immediately had the 2nd session of today. After the break we will continue with session 3, in which we are of course especially looking forward to the clash between our Belgian Lions and the American men, both unbeaten after 2 matches. You can visit One from 4.40 pm, following on from the BC time trial. Online viewers can of course watch with livestream. †
  18. 4 p.m. 24. Exit Brazil and Puerto Rico. The curtain has fallen in group A of the men’s tournament. Serbia can go directly to the 1/4th finals as group winner. France is the number 2 in the group after the win against Puerto Rico: 21-14. New Zealand can go to the 1/8th finals as number 3, just like France. This World Cup is over for Brazil and Puerto Rico. †


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