World Cup 2022 in Qatar: state of play a few weeks before kick-off

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Welcome to Radio Foot! Contents this Thursday 4:10 p.m. UT: – Qatar 2022, a little less than 5 months from the competition, inventory. To begin, impressions and predictions of a former football globetrotter, an international with more than 100 caps who became a coach, named tournament ambassador by FIFA, Yaya Touré! Is the small Persian Gulf emirate ready to welcome between 1 and 1.5 million people for this World Cup? (And 32 nations for the last time in World Cup history). African formations, favorites and outsiders, players who can shine there, chances of the organizing country.

World Cup and controversies. This is not the first time, we can think of the Argentinian “Mundial” of 1978, and General Jorge Videla who crystallized the international dispute. The working conditions of the workers on the Qatari construction sites, will the fans who intend to make the trip have to deal with attacks on their individual freedoms? Criticism of the host country, shouldn’t we act before?

World in winter and final on December 18, 2022, how will the players approach the recovery in the championships? In England, for example, the risk of having a “Boxing-Day” without internationals. More generally, in what conditions will the footballers be at the end of the season, with a turned upside down calendar?

“Coco” back at Les Gones. After 5 seasons in Munich, Corentin Tolisso joins Alexandre Lacazette at OL, two players trained at the club. History of forgetting injuries, with the hope of finding the Blues at the end of the year.

• With Olivier Pron: Naïm Moniolle, Carlos Bianchi and Hervé Penot. Technique/production: Laurent Salerno. – David Fintzel/Pierre Guerin.



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