World champions willing to change: Gamer Özil

War a week of world champions. Götze at Eintracht in Frankfurt. Durm at FCK in Kaiserslautern. Özil at Fortnite on the Internet. And who has the best perspective? Erkut Sögüt possibly. Manager Sögüt told the “Telegraph” that it was quite conceivable that his client Özil would become a gamer – that is, professionally. “To be honest, he’s really good at Fortnite, wouldn’t surprise me if he competes one day,” says Sögüt.

However, Özil will first fulfill his contract with Fenerbahce in Istanbul, where he is employed as a footballer in analogue life, status: outside the squad. The coach plans without him. Mockery about a lot of time for the console is obvious. But wouldn’t it be appealing if this 2014 world champion also felt the desire for a sporty homecoming in the Bundesliga?

On Monday marks the fourth anniversary of Özil’s last appearance in the German jersey – World Cup 2018, 0-2 against South Korea. In the shadow of the fallout of his farewell, Sögut and Özil founded their eSports team. The business field of the Özil brand has long been diversified.

Your marketing is going brilliantly: recently, in Indonesia, he was received like a “president,” says Sögüt. Among other things, Özil gave a press conference with the Minister for Tourism and Creative Industries. As a tourism ambassador. Let’s put it this way: There won’t be as much crowding as there was for Özil in Jakarta at Götze’s first training session in Frankfurt.



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