Women’s Soccer: Wr. Neustadt as homestead

With a new investment package from the city of Wr. Neustadt, the arena was recently made fit for international games. “It was always clear that we would not build the new stadium exclusively for SC Wiener Neustadt, but would also provide additional impetus for the sports city of Wiener Neustadt. As part of the talks with the ÖFB, it became apparent that the association is very interested in cooperation with the city because the stadium is suitable for the women’s national team,” said Wiener Neustadt Mayor Klaus Schneeberger (ÖVP).

Specifically, new premises were created, including separate changing and shower facilities for men and women. A first-aid room with direct access to and transport from the home was created, and a TV studio was set up. The total investment amounted to 330,000 euros.

Wr. Neustadt as “good soil”

Praise comes from ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich: “The women’s national team feels very comfortable in the Wiener Neustadt Arena, the support from the city and the stadium managers is excellent. We’ve experienced a lot of exciting matches here, the stadium is good ground for us. We are very much looking forward to being regular guests here in the future and to making Wiener Neustadt a home base.”

Specifically, there was only one defeat against Italy for the women’s national team in Wiener Neustadt. The next ÖFB-Frauen game in Wiener Neustadt is on Sunday 12 June against Denmark. It serves as an important test for the European Football Championship, which starts in England in early July.

ORF offers 90 hours of live reporting at EM

The ORF will provide a large forum for the European Women’s Football Championship in England. All 31 games will be shown live and with the exception of four parallel games on ORF Sport +, all games will be broadcast on ORF 1. From July 6th to 31st, 90 hours of live reporting await football fans.

The first highlight from an Austrian point of view is the opening game between England and Austria in the Old Trafford Stadium on July 6th at 8:15 p.m. The encounters with Northern Ireland (July 11, 5.50 p.m.) and Norway (July 15, 8.45 p.m.) will follow later. Anna-Theresa Lallitsch, Michael Roscher, Toni Oberndorfer and Erwin Hujecek act as commentators for the games, all of which are offered with live subtitles and audio commentary for blind and visually impaired people. As co-commentators, Nina Burger, Nadine Prohaska and Elisabeth Tieber, women with national team experience, are on board. Kristina Inhof, Karoline Rath-Zobernig, Alina Zellhofer and Roland Hönig will guide you through the EM studio broadcasts.


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