[Women’s Judo Promotion Committee]JJ Voice No. 87 Chiharu Takemura

Chiharu Takemura (Maiden name: Makuma) Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1972
Aritomo Judo Juku Instructor
Kodokan Judo Women’s 4th Dan

Main results:
1995 All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship 66kg class 3rd place
From 2008 to 2014, he participated in the All-Japan Judo Competition

Thank you for your request.
Mieko Matsui and other teachers with brilliant achievements are next to me.
I am very sorry.

I used to practice at the Kodokan with Mr. Matsui, and now I’m working hard at the same boy judo in Hiroshima prefecture. The beauty of the footwork and the skill of the ground fighting at Matsui Dojo are wonderful, and I think that the couple are kindly and correctly instructed. Please talk to us about joint practice.

I’m soaked in judo now, but when I started judo at Chiba Commercial High School, I was completely inexperienced, and my passiveness was painful in the palm of my hand.
After spending three years under the guidance of my advisor, Tsutomu Yasuda, I decided to go on to Judo, a business group, with the help of a senior club member when choosing a career path after graduating from high school.

If you belong to NEC Mita and are prepared to take care of yourself with the guidance of the late Toshiro Daigo and Taeko Nagai, the seniors of the same affiliation, Sumitomo Kaijo (currently Mitsui Sumitomo Kaijo) and Komatsu players who practice together. My passion for judo, my physical ability, my skill, everything was unexpected. It was amazing.
I was struck by this extraordinary world, and even when I arrived at Suidobashi Station by train, I sometimes returned by train without getting off, but thanks to my friendly judo friends, I continued without quitting.
My parents sometimes tell me that my child is weak, but I’m similar, so I’m sure it’s okay.

After that, I met my husband (Norihisa Takemura), came to Hiroshima, became an instructor when my three children started judo, and experienced judo judo referees and all-Japan judo competitions. My husband was the catalyst, and I didn’t feel like it at first, but now I think it’s the foundation for me. We appreciate.

Currently, I am teaching beginners and children at the judo hall of Hiroshima Prefectural Minami High School three times a week, and I am the secretariat of the cram school. Even if I say guidance, I am an adult playmate, and I am in charge of throwing opponents and playing tag in the childhood club.
I will do my best until my 70s, like Mr. Tadashi Inoue, a 92-year-old adviser.

Children who have become teachers, children who are contributing to the community as civil servants, children who are currently active as students, and many children have graduated from the cram school, but they remain cute no matter how many times they meet. As a guardian of a graduate student, I also interacted with the French judo club team, Judo club des portes de I’ile de France.
The work of the secretariat of the cram school is learned by looking at the backs of the late Kazuhide Miki, the first president of the cram school, and Mitsuo Shibata, the second president of the cram school.
Chiharu-sensei will soon be a grandmother to the students who chat during the lessons, and next time you guys will ask for a teacher’s replacement, so it should be effective someday.
I would like to continue to be involved so that I can leave a “usual place” where children can drop in.
The next baton will be handed over to Yuka Akimoto (Hiroshima Detention Center), the world’s kindest mother judoka (according to Takemura research), whom she met when her child entered the school.

2014 – All Japan Judo Competition
2017 Exchange meeting between Aritomo Judo Juku and the French club team
Front row center: Norihisa Takemura, Deputy President
Right end of the front row: Takeyoshi Shimatani, Deputy President
Left end of the back row: Second generation Mitsuo Shibata, President
Back row center: Frederick leader


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