WNBA 2022: Evina Westbrook: “I’m the only Mexican-American in the league, it’s incredible”

La WNBA will have Mexican blood on their staves. The player Evina Westbrook will make history this season by being chosen by the Minnesota Lynx to be part of the team and will fight to transcend.

Evina will be the first Mexican-American woman playing in the elite league. She was chosen in 21st place in the 2022 Draft by the Seattle Storm, participating with the team in two preseason games, being signed for the regular season for the Minnesota Lynx.

Evina has Mexican roots, Her mother, who is Mexican and defines herself as Latina-Chicana, has instilled in her a love for Mexico. “Their part of the family always grew up with English as a second language, she knows spanish and doesn’t really speak much english, just to order, at school and that kind of thing, my mom’s whole family is Mexican, so I’m half Mexican, but definitely proud of my roots.”

I would like, I think it would be important, not only for me, when people know that I am Mexican and the mixture that I have. I am proud of who I am

In an exclusive interview for Marca Claro, Westbrook told us about what it represents for her, her family and the Mexican community in the U.S, being the first Mexican-American woman to play in the WNBA, “I think it represents a lot for all of us, I mean, I look Mexican, I understand Spanish perfectly although it is hard for me to speak it, we will do the next interview in Spanish.”

Despite having dual nationality, his intentions would be to represent Mexico. “I would like, I think it would be important, not only for me, when people know that I am Mexican and the mixture that I have. I am proud of who I am, where I come from, but it would be amazing to represent my person, who I am and there are more Mexican people who know that we can do whatever we set out to do”.

I have recently been in contact with Mexican coaches, it was only when they knew that he could represent Mexico and form a good team. Now I’m in the WNBA I’m the only Mexican-American playing in the league, it’s definitely amazing and something that I would like to do, play for the Mexican national team and I hope to be able to reach an agreement soon,” he added.

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Basketball is the traditional sport of the Westbrook family, his father was a professional player in Chile and at Oregon State University, his brother LJ is also a player, he was a member of the LNBP with the Lumberjacks of Durango, and he has spoken to him about what it meant to be in his mother’s land. “He is proud of his roots. He told us that the food is fabulous, that the people are incredible, but that it is different from the United States, he loved it, he really loved going there. I didn’t get a chance to see him play there, but I hope to go one day.”

You are aware that the time of the University is over, that playing basketball is and will be part of his job from now on and that his expectations to continue in the best league in the world must be forged with daily work. “Having been chosen by the Lynx is a blessing, playing in the WNBA means everything to me. I will go out and play very hard, I will give my best, I will do it for my family who is always supporting me and I will make them feel proud of me”.

Evina thinks that to do grow women’s professional basketball, there should be more teams, so he hopes that the WNBA will soon have an expansion, “One of the main reasons is because there are a lot of female players They deserve to be there and they just keep watching because unfortunately there are no more spaces to be in the league”.

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Evina Westbrook’s name will resonate in the United States and in Mexico for being the first Mexican-American in the WNBA, seeking to be one of the best players in the league and in the world.



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