With Patricio Garino, Argentina starts the third window FIBA

The “Albiceleste”, already qualified for the second round, faces this Thursday from 8:10 p.m. as a visitor against Venezuela.

(Photo: Fiba press)

With important returns like those of Mar del Plata Patrick Garino and the NBA point guard Facundo Campazzo, added to the stellar presence of the Olympic medalist Charles Delphinethe Argentina basketball team this Thursday from 20.10 starts the third FIBA ​​window against his pair Venezuela at the Luis Ramos Gymnasium, located in the city of Puerto La Cruz.

The 29-year-old forward from Mar del Plata, Patricio Garino, comes to this call by coach Néstor That García to add game minutes after a season plagued by several muscular injuries, to the point that he only played eight games with the jersey of the Nanterre 92 from France. It is worth mentioning that after the separation from the French cast, the player from Mar del Plata is free and your first goal is to pick up the pace.

The Pato will represent Argentina again in an official match after the defeat against Australia for the quarterfinals of the Tokyo Olympics, a match played on August 3, 2021.

In addition to Patrick Garinothe other player elite who returns is Facundo Campazzo. The ex-Peñarol point guard and the last two seasons in the NBA’s Denver Nuggets will be one of the important pieces for these two window games, as will the experienced Charles Delphinecurrent player of Victoria Libertas Pesaro of Italy who has already played the four previous matches of the tournament.

As for the qualifying competition for the 2023 World Cup that will take place this week, Argentina will face each other in a double date of the FIBA ​​Qualifiers as a visitor. The first meeting will be this Thursday from 8:10 p.m. against Venezuelawhile then will visit Panama next Sunday from 7:10 p.m. at the Arena Roberto Durán stadium.

Equally, the Albiceleste is already qualified for the second round of the Qualifiers towards the World Cup, without depending on the results achieved in this window. The National Team is already guaranteed to finish among the first three places in Group A and in the second round it will face the teams from Group C, in which Canada and the Dominican Republic are already classified, and the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands are waiting.


#1 | Joseph Vildoza | Basis | 1.91 | 26 years old | Cibona Zagreb (Croatia)
#7 | Facundo Campazzo | Basis | 1.80 | 31 years old | Denver Nuggets (NBA, USA)
#9 | Nicholas Brussino | Escort | 2.04 | 29 years old | Gran Canaria (Spain)
#10 | Charles Delphine | Escort | 2.01 | 39 years old | Victoria Libertas Pesaro (Italy)
#11 | Francisco Caffaro | Pivot | 2.14 | 22 years | Virginia University (NCAA, USA)
#12 | Marcos Delia | Pivot | 2.06 | 30 years | Trieste (Italy)
#22 | John Paul Vaulet | Wing | 1.99 | 26 years old | Baxi Manresa (Spain)
#25 | Thomas Chapero | Pivot Wing | 2.06 | 20 years | Bosco Sports Association (Spain)
#29 | Patrick Garino | Wing | 1.98 | 29 years old | Free
#31 | Leandro Bolmaro | Escort | 2.00 | 21 years old | Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA, USA)
#33 | Nicholas Romano | Pivot Wing | 2.00 | 34 years old | Cordoba Institute
#83 | Tayavek Gallizzi | Pivot | 2.05 | 29 years old | Cordoba Institute

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