With Fjellerup, Básquet Girona reached the ACB

20|06|22 09:56 hs.

Máximo Fjellerup left Argentina in 2021 with the title of champion of the National Basketball League under his arm, a title obtained with San Lorenzo. Looking for new challenges, he traveled to Spain and joined Palmer Alma of the LEB Oro, the second division of the European country, and then moved on to Básquet Girona with whom yesterday he achieved promotion to the ACB League, the highest category.

The definition of the LEB Oro was in Final Four format, on Saturday Girona beat ICG Força Lleida 77-68 and Movistar Estudiantes beat Palencia 89-62. The winners clashed for promotion yesterday, and the former Argentino Junior team won for 67 to 60.

The scorer of the winner and of the night was the player from Tresarroy with 19 points, product of 7 doubles of 13 attempts, 1 of 6 in triples and 2 of 3 in free. While the most valued player was former NBA Marc Gasol who contributed 11 points, had 8 rebounds, made 2 blocks and stole 4 balls.

With 19 points, Maxi was the scorer in the defining match (BASQUET GIRONA)

In the summary of the Spanish media, they highlighted: “The Catalan team fulfills the dream of the Gasol brothers and returns the city to the highest category of national basketball. With suffering after a bad end to the match, but showing that they had the best arguments in a match marked by the atmosphere of Fontajau. Fjellerup’s ability and an omnipresent Marc Gasol give the prize to a project that continues to grow. Students, for their part, stay in hell for another year.

With the team partying, but now with a great challenge ahead of him like playing in the ACB League, Fjellerup will have a great chance ahead of him and it will be important what he decides for his future.

MOVISTAR STUDENTS (60): Faggiano 11, Dee 8, Beiran 13, Durisic 4 and Larsen 4 (fi); Martín 3, Sola 4, Dos Anjos 7, Urtasun 4 and Arroyo 2.

BASKETBALL GIRONA (66): Urtasun, Fjellerup 19, Franch 2, Jawara 9 and Gasol 11 (fi); Vila 3, Sàbat 9, Vecvagars 13, Stürup and Sorolla.

Partial: Students 14-Girona 19, 30-34 and 47-58.

Referees: Garcia, Zafra and Lopez.

Court: Fontajau Pavilion.



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