With Facundo Campazzo and Patricio Garino, the Argentine basketball team prepares for the “cauldron” of Venezuela and visit Panama

identity intact. A process that seeks to consolidate DNA. The Argentine basketball team is in full swing and his focus is on 2023. The only company on his list of goals is to qualify for the world Cup which will be developed in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. For this reason, fundamental pieces such as Facundo Campazzowho hopes to resolve his future in the NBA; Patrick Garinowhich is in the process of recovery; Gabriel Deckwho has just won the Spanish league at Real Madrid; Leandro Bolmarowhich grows on Minnesota Timberwolves, and Charles Delphinewho at 39 continues to contribute his talent and experience, want to be part of the squad he leads Nestor “Che” Garcia.

It is a long road that Argentina must travel until the most important event. The next two duels, against Venezuela y Panama, they are good test benches; the selection is already qualified for the second stage of the tie. Whether he will get his ticket to the World Cup is still unknown, because the definition will take shape from next November and will be resolved with the last window before the World Cup, in February 2023. The first three of each group of the second round and the best fourth of the two zones will reach the maximum competition. Seven teams will represent America in East Asia.

In the third FIBA ​​window, and despite having passed the instance, Argentina does not want to give anything away. That is why the players who are usually absent because they are in the NBA or the Euroleague, two competitions that do not stop for the FIBA ​​qualifiers, take the opportunity to be part of the process, as they do whenever the calendar allows it. The team will face Venezuela on July 30 at the Luis Ramos Gymnasium in Puerto La Cruz, and then will travel to Panama, where it will play against the locals on July 3, at the Roberto Durán Coliseum. The CABB team is second in group A, with three wins and one loss. He escorts Venezuela (4-0), above Panama (1-3) and Paraguay (0-4).

Leandro Bolmaro and Campazzo, a couple both in attack and defense, for which coach Néstor García is betting.Marcelo Endelli

This will be the last FIBA ​​window of the first stage. Argentina is already guaranteed to finish in the top three of group A and in the next round it will face the teams from C (Canada and the Dominican Republic are classified, and the other will be the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands).

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The preparation of the selected team, which is advancing on the San Lorenzo field, needs competition to find its best version. That is why he will continue his training in San Lorenzo and next Saturday and Sunday he will face two friendlies with Uruguay, to which he leads Ruben Magnano. And in this scenario, the commitment of each player to this cycle is decisive.

In Campazzo’s words, the new captain, appointed by García, shows what message he is trying to pass on to the rest of the team. “We need the leadership of each one for a common good. We have to mentalize ourselves in fighting for important things, create group unity, generate commitment. It is very important that we are all behind the same idea. It is valuable that the coach says that I am going to be the captain of the team, but I understand that we need all of us to be a little captain. It seems to me that each one gives a little to look for our best version in the national team, ”said the point guard.

There is a single message, an identification that is replicated in each protagonist. The players have an almost unequivocal discourse that is not about political correctness, but about conviction. And when they talk about the coach they have the same look: “Néstor motivates a lot. He is a coach who spreads a lot of energy. We have a lot to work on, because we must adapt to his game philosophy. The most interesting thing is that at this time of the new process we realize that we are on the right track”, said Garino. Campazzo added: “It seems to me that for this group, which is like a new litter, because Luis [Scola] and Sergio [Hernández], he is an ideal trainer. Because he handles it perfectly, he keeps everyone motivated, he treats everyone the same. I am happy that he is as a leader, and we have to give ourselves completely for everything to work well. We received the message very clearly from her, and that is great ”.

Patricio Garino returned to the national team;  The man from Mar del Plata is recovering physically and returned to work as a team after six months.
Patricio Garino returned to the national team; The man from Mar del Plata is recovering physically and returned to work as a team after six months.

On the way to looking for the best version, Che García understood that he had to call Garino, who has not worked on a campus for several months and continues his physical recovery. “The body is reacting very well. There are almost six months without training in a team. I was working alone in Madrid, and to be playing now five against five and in the national team is very positive. I have a long way to go, but I take it as a great possibility in my recovery. Nestor asks me to be myself. I’m not going to lie: I was a little scared the first few minutes in the team. But everyone understood me and respected me. Anyway, I felt very good. And the coach asks me to be the Pato of always: that he be aggressive on defense, that he run on the court and take open shots. In short, what I always did”, said the man from Mar del Plata.

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Both players, due to their experience, know that they have two very tough games ahead of them that can serve to know where they and the staff stand. “We have a highly qualified coaching staff to work with in a very short time, and these matches with Venezuela and Panama are tests that must be prepared against the clock. We are clear that if we play far from our limit we will lose. They are very tough rivals, and as locals, much more. There will be a boilerCampazzo explained. And Garino added: “In Venezuela it will be a war. They are very strong as locals; that stadium is going to be a boiler. The pressure from them, from the people… We are going to have to be very focused and thinking about each ball that we have in hand. And only later will we think of Panama. We must not get ahead of ourselves; we need to prepare game by game”.



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