WiPlanet wins smoothly with Siena

Sport – Baseball – The Falisci win 14 to 2 despite not playing the best game

Baseball - WiPlanet - Bryan Gomez

Baseball – WiPlanet – Bryan Gomez

Baseball - WiPlanet - Matteo Gasparrini

Baseball – WiPlanet – Matteo Gasparrini

Montefiascone – The guys from Montefiascone immediately recover from the defeat in Grosseto and win by dominating Sunday afternoon’s match against Siena. They were not too worried by the Spanish surnames of most of the Sienese players, who betray their Central American origin, and by beating 12 hits against the 2 of the Tuscans they close the game in the 7th inning with a score of 14 to 2.

The starting pitcher Badea held up well for 4 innings, even if he conceded a few too many bases, and Michele Carletti took it over effectively. The attack was good, with a Bryan Gomez in splendid form with 5 hits over five rounds, including a triple and a deep 110-meter serve that hit the billboard just below the yellow line of the home run.

The batting performances of Matteo Carletti and Pacchiarelli, both author of two hits, and of Marianello Riccardo, author of the first valid in the championship, were also good. In defense the performance of the receiver Matteo Gasparrini was good, author of some good plays on first base that also led to an elimination.

Many beautiful game actions have been immortalized by Enrico Ranaldi and can be downloaded from his Facebook page. “Siena did not create big problems for us – said the manager Carletti – we went ahead immediately and from the second inning, on 6 to 1, it was seen that their attack could not have produced much more, even if the pitcher starter Badea is still not in the best shape and in 4 innings he conceded a little too much. Then we got to the sixth inning and on their second pitcher we scored the 7 points that allowed us to close the game early. Now let’s think about Latina next Sunday and the last matches in July. Despite the defeat at Grosseto, the classification still allows us to hope, and we will do our best to fill the defensive gaps that have emerged. ”.

The day saw the Latina lose 11 to 1 with the Junior Grosseto and Arezzo overtake the Brewers Roma for 8 to 3, waiting for the direct clashes that could determine the final classification.

The ranking is as follows:


June 21, 2022



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