Wimbledon 2022: Where to watch Wimbledon on TV and online?

El tournament of Wimbledon 2022 it will be atypical: the tennis players will not play russians y Belarusians because of the international sanctions imposed on several countries because of the invasion of Ukraine. Nor will there be, as an indirect consequence, points to distribute in the ATP or WTA rankings, given that the governing organizations of men’s and women’s professional tennis have reacted to the exclusion by withdrawing them.

However, in the end such a thing will end up being incidental, because the most classic and oldest tournament in the world will be played this year, 145 after its first edition, with the same brilliance always. A very classic tournament, but also very renewed, which each year brings together hundreds of thousands of spectators around its tracks, and hundreds of millions through television screens. not in vain is unot of the most followed sporting events of the world.

How can you watch Wimbledon 2022 on television and online?

In Spain, Wimbledon can be seen on television through the pay television platform Movistar, which traditionally broadcasts the London Grand Slam. can be seen through #We will by M+ (dial 8), the channels of Sports by M+ (dials 59, 60, 61, 191 to 195) and They #V (dial 51).

From Monday the 27th to Saturday the 2nd of July, Movistar Plus+ will offer approximately 20 games a day.

In each day, a preview from the set 15 minutes before its start. From June 24, a street will be available on the Movistar Plus+ VOD called ‘Wimbledon, tennis never ends’ in which you can enjoy reports and content about Wimbledon.



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