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Like men, the past decade in women’s world 3×3 basketball has been marked by Europe. There are eight European teams in the FIBA ​​Top 10, including the top five – Germany, France, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. Mongolia and the United States follow, followed by Romania, Lithuania and Austria.

The situation changed 3×3 basketball debuts at the Olympics. Basketballs were the first professional teams to appear in the great powers, and the Olympic circles attracted the attention of the major federations. The men’s tournament ended with the triumph of Latvia. The women were dominated by the US national team of WNBA professionals – Kielce Plama, Alice Gray, Stephanie Dolson and Jackie Young.

The World Cup takes place in the middle of the WNBA season, so the US national team is made up of “second line” players. In fact, from former and future WNBA players. Sierra Burdik of Tennessee played in the 2015-2021 league. Baylor was selected as the third number in the 2020 draft, and Ashley Jones and Louisville continue to play for the NCAA.

In November 2019, during the break of the national units, Burdika trained with “TTT Rīga”. The American came to the capital of Latvia because her 3×3 basketball partners Megana Hafa and Linna Harpere played on the banks of the Daugava. Burdik, Harper and Coke are part of the US team, which will start playing in the World Tour at the end of June.

The role of the flame will be entrusted to the new star Hailey Van Lita. Attractive left 14-16. In July, as part of the US cadet team, participated in a test tournament in Liepaja. The Canadian and Chinese U17 national teams also visited the Wind City at that time – all teams were preparing for the World Cup in Minsk.

FIBA leader Germany has entered three players of the national basketball team. It consists of Sveny Brunkhorst, Leonia Fibisch and Sonja Grainahere. France is half of the Tokyo team (4th place) – Leticia Guapo and Maria Paze will play in Antwerp, assisted by Miriam Jekunade and Ortenze Limousine.

Lithuania will be one of the seven (!) World Cup debutants – the first results are expected for Austria, Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Egypt and Israel. Kamile Nacickaite, Gabriela Šuļske and Monika Grigaļautė will be among the Lithuanians. Martina Petrenaite went to the rescue.

Play – off procedure The group winners will automatically qualify for the quarterfinals, while the Group C second and third place winners in the quarterfinals will play against the Group B second and third best. Group A and D teams will be paired similarly.

Women’s World Cup 3×3 Basketball Calendar

Day Time The game
21.06 12:00 Germany – Romania
12:25 Lithuania – Japan
13:50 Romania – China
15:00 Lithuania – Germany
16:20 Japan – China
18:05 The Netherlands – Israel
19:05 Canada – Chile
19:30 Spain – The Netherlands
21:10 Israel – Canada
22:10 Spain – Chile
22.06 12:00 Austria – Brazil
13:20 ASV – New Zealand
13:50 France – Brazil
15:25 New Zealand – France
16:20 ASV – Austria
18:30 Mongolia – Belgium
20:05 Egypt – Dominican Republic
21:15 Poland – Mongolia
22:35 Belgium – Egypt
23:10 Poland – Dominican Republic
23.06 12:00 China – Lithuania
12:25 Japan – Romania
13:50 China – Germany
15:25 Romania – Lithuania
15:55 Germany – Japan
18:05 Chile – Israel
19:00 Canada – Spain
19:25 Chile – The Netherlands
21:10 Israel – Spain
22:10 The Netherlands – Canada
24.06 11:00 New Zealand – Austria
13:20 Brazil – ASV
13:50 Austria – France
15:25 Brazil – New Zealand
16:55 France – United States
18:30 Belgium – Poland
20:00 Dominican Republic – Mongolia
21:10 Egypt – Poland
22:35 Dominican Republic – Belgium
23:10 Mongolia – Egypt

The first session of the eighth final will take place on Saturday, June 25, at 12: 10-13: 55; second session at 14: 40-16: 25. The first session of the quarterfinals is scheduled for 17: 35-18: 55; second session at 21: 15-23: 00. The women’s semi-finals will take place on June 26 at 18:15 and 18:40, game for third place 20:55, final 21:55. 1,800 spectators will be able to watch the games in person.

Lottery results, women (brackets – world ranking)

# A group Group B. Group C. D group
1 Germany (1) France (2) Poland (3) Spain (4)
2 Romania (8) ASV (7) Mongolia (6) Netherlands (5)
3 Lithuania (9) Austria (10) Egypt (12) Israel (11)
4 Japan (17) Brazil (16) Dominican Republic (15) Canada (13)
5 China (18) New Zealand (19) Belgium (20) Chile (14)

The World Cup was held for the first time in August 2012 in Athens.

World Cup history

Year city Final For third place
2022 Antwerp
2019 Amsterdam China 19-13 Hungary France 21-9 Australia
2018 Philippines Italy 16-12 Russia France 21-14 China
2017 Nante Russia 19-12 Hungary Ukraine 15-13 The Netherlands
2016 Guanhou Czech Republic 21-11 Ukraine United States 20-14 Spain
2014 Moscow USA 15-8 Russia Belgium 14-12 Czech Republic
2012 Athens USA 17-16 France Australia 18-17 Ukraine



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