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Short fictional story. Once a coach took a player by the arm who had just missed three penalties in a row. He placed two goalkeepers in their respective places and the player in one of the two penalty spots with a ball. He instructed him to look at the farthest arch for five minutes and the man in question began to appreciate him smaller, smaller, smaller and smaller. He then he turned around and had the feeling, the certainty and the conviction that that nearby arch was enormous and that the goalkeeper could not cover any shot. The DT told him: “Ready, come on, there’s no need to kick anymore.”

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moral. The bow inside the player’s head has been enlarged. This, from the mental point of view, is what happened in Boca with Sebastián Villa. Almost everything that went close or was covered by the goalkeepers began to transform into a goal and subsequent dance. It is clear that trust is decisive in these cases. There are several factors and the different technical bodies that have directed him since his arrival at the club (he was a bet, since he joined as an unknown reinforcement), and they have worked to polish a player who technically generated a lot of situations thanks to his speed prowess.

“Speed” that, although it may not seem like it, played a trick on him. It is somewhat ambiguous but his trump card, when defining, became a four of cups. Since the beginning of last year, a not minor detail (huge actually) that can be appreciated and understood has been added to his game. Is that Villa thought and resolved at the speed with which he ran, and he always had plenty of meters in front of his rivals. So what happened?

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Here is the answer: he added “the pause” in his runs. Taking a couple of seconds a few meters from the area or from the goalkeeper allowed him and trained him to think “in another dimension”. With that plus, the decisions became the correct ones. That necessary moment gave him the possibility that the information would be processed and understood by his head (already stronger too), and executed by his body. In Creole, he lowered a change at the necessary moments.

In addition, in this story there is a pivotal moment that was marked by fire, a very clear before and after: the January 2, 2021 in the 2-2 against River in the Bombonera for the Maradona Cup, in which the striker reached the agonizing tie with a subtle touch before Armani’s bilge, none other than a giant Armani.

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As a result of this, the numbers authoritatively demonstrate these changes, mentally and technically, in Villa: for all the competitions in 2018, he played 18 games (920 minutes) and converted 2 goals. In the 2019over 32 games (1,681 minutes) only one ball reached the net (against San Lorenzo, on March 5). Already in 2020, the goals were 3 in 21 games (1534 minutes). Little still, very little. Instead, in 2021, With everything explained, the equation changed: 35 matches (2,797 minutes) with 11 goals. Y this 2022 ratifies it: he already has no less than eight in 22 games (1,811 minutes), so if the projection is fulfilled, it should be his year with the most goals for the club. There are 25 goals in total, of which 19 were in the last 19 months and coins.

It could be said then that Battaglia stopped Rossi in the Casa Amarilla goal and Javi García in the Riachuelo goal, with Villa at that point of the penalty (from there he also converted River on March 14, 2021). He turned around and saw the arch smaller than he had ever been. Then he turned and his bow literally got bigger: before he missed the easiest ones, today he has much more effectiveness and even takes them out of the hat.

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