Why does actress Anna Stein take a photo of her grandmother with her tennis games?

Anna Stein, who is still remembered by many as the temperamental Kitty from the TV series “Fire of Sin”, has not only worked as an actress for a long time, but also practices drama therapy and teaches theater at the 64th Secondary School in Riga.

Asked whether this hobby is not for everyone, Stein admits: “Of course, every hobby costs something, but it is a myth that tennis is an expensive sport. It is the most expensive to rent cards indoors, but the cost is not high in warm weather. I’m not one to buy a new outfit or tennis racket every season. ” (Photo: from private archive)

She says she is at the tennis courts at least twice a week, passionate about her heart. “That time is always marked in my planner, and nothing can replace it,” the actress emphasizes. Anna reveals that she has been interested in this sport since her early childhood. “I watched it on TV, and I always looked at them while driving past the tennis courts. But it wasn’t until I played tennis, because since the age of two, I’ve been dancing the folk dance group “Golden Strainer”, led by my mother Baiba Steina. What kind of tennis could it be? ” she explains.

“But more than ten years ago, my friend actress Aurelija Anužite said that her husband is playing tennis and wants Aurelia to learn. Aurelia decided that it wasn’t really his sport, so she offered to try tennis with her husband. Aurelia also had children at the time, and tennis was by no means her priority. But I didn’t have to say twice about the opportunity to learn to play tennis. I mean, oh God! This is my childhood dream! Yes, I was 36 at the time when I started fulfilling my long-cherished dream of playing tennis. After that, I continued to get to know the world of tennis myself, found a coach and played. I discovered how much fun each workout brings, each game, because during it great emotions are gained, the joy of every hit ball. There are 200 strokes during the game. Can you comprehend how many positive emotions and joys there are in one workout ?! ”

Tennis is really a game in itself. Internal communication is important during the game. Your attention training. I struggle with myself both mentally and physically, ”the actress describes the sport. And reveals an interesting fact – Stein’s grandmother Milda Lietaviete (born Cumbule) was an athlete and loved tennis very much. Anna didn’t even know it at the time, but then, finding her grandmother’s photos, seeing her on the tennis court and also realizing that her passion for the sport came from her. “There was even a time when I took a photo of my grandmother before playing tennis, it was in my sports bag. Let her be with me, ”says Anna.

Anna Stein’s grandmother Milda Lietaviete. (Photo: from private archive)



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