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Mexico City

A high-performance athlete should not only start at an early age, as long as they have the skills for the discipline they have chosen, but also go to the appropriate spaces to begin their preparation.

Regardless of whether the school has seen aptitudes and physical conditions for a specific sport, the child or adolescent in question needs to be evaluated by a certified coach, a sports doctor or a specialist in sports methodology to confirm their qualities and consequently guide you in the best way.

On many occasions, these specialists are available in the state associations of each sport, some of them even have viewers precisely to detect talents.

These associations are affiliated to the National Sports Federations, which are the highest technical authority in each sport and therefore have the power to integrate national teams, help them in their preparation and manage their concentrations in the gyms, pavilions and villas of the Conade. and the COM. Some federations, like baseball, for example, also have scouts.

Although they are the definitive instances to which you must go to formally be a high-performance athlete, before reaching them you can go to others in Mexico City, such as the areas for the category of UNAM and IMSS , as well as the CDMX Sports Institute.

Las schools of swimming or diving that exist in the Francisco Márquez Olympic Pool and of other specialties in most of the facilities inherited from the Olympic Games of Mexico 68 that are still functional, such as the Cuemanco track and the Weapons Hall of the Sports City, and that depend on the Municipalities where they are located, are other options to start practicing and have a closer relationship with the chosen discipline.

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there is always where

The sports offer in Mexico City is wide and varied, starting with the UNAM, which has all the infrastructure on its campus for the practice of more than fifty disciplines, including those of the Olympic program, such as archery.

Kevin del Valle, head of the Archery University Association of the Highest House of Studies in the Country, explains what it is like to practice his sport at CU, whether or not he is a student.

“Students must enroll through Red Puma and meet the requirements; everything is free for them and they are provided with bows, arrows, and protective gear. External students must enroll through extension programs in Red Puma itself and For them, there is a registration and monthly fee. We can receive goalkeepers from other places, although we have autonomy as a sports entity,” explains the director.

“We handle the three aspects, initiation, training and representativeness. Everyone who enters, whether they are a student or not, begins in the initiation stage, then the training part, in which they attend competitions, not necessarily official distances, and at The end is representativeness and then they go to Nationals, such as those of the Mexican Archery Federation, the Conade Nationals and the National Universiade”, points out the archer.

In Mexico City there are public and higher education facilities where you can practice sports with a view to high competition and thus be able to one day integrate a national representation. Below are some of them in which Olympic and world medalists have emerged or trained, such as the diver Fernando Platas and the archer Aída Román.

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Location: University City

Offer: schools in 56 disciplines, including most of the current 28 on the Olympic Games programme.

Requirements: Although sports activities were established for UNAM students from their high school level, the general public can attend classes. In both cases, you must apply for admission and, once accepted, pay the registration fee and the monthly payment.


Location: Av. Luis Enrique Erro S/N. Zacatenco, Mayor Gustavo A. Madero.

Offer: More than 30 disciplines divided into 5 groups (competitive art, combat, group, time and mark and racket). Athletics, taekwondo, team sports.

Requirements: Be a student of the IPN and fill out the registration form.

Where to go?


Location: Av. Churubusco River S/N, Col. General Anaya, Benito Juarez Mayor’s Office.

Offer: Swimming, diving, water polo, artistic swimming and diving.

Requirements: Proof of address, medical exam, payment of registration and maintenance.

Where to go?


Location: Av, División del Norte 2333, Col General Anaya, Benito Juárez City Hall.

Offer: Gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and taekwondo.

Requirements: Proof of address, medical exam, payment of registration and maintenance.

Where to go?


Location: Rebull 50, Col. Mixcoac, Benito Juárez City Hall.

Offer: Swimming, Diving and diving.

Requirements: Proof of address, medical exam and payment of registration and maintenance.

Where to go?


Location: Viaducto Río de la Piedad S/N, Gate 6 Ciudad Deportiva, Co. Granjas México, Iztacalco City Hall.

Offer: Boxing, taekwondo, gymnastics.

Requirements: Application for admission, Medical exam and payment of registration and monthly payments.

Where to go?


Location: Viaducto Río de la Piedad S/N, Ciudad Deportiva, Co. Granjas México, Iztacalco City Hall.

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Offer: Soccer, basketball, athletics, tennis, baseball, field hockey, volleyball.

Requirements: Application for admission, payment of registration and monthly payment.

Where to go?


Location: Insurgentes Sur S/N, Parques del Pedregal, Tlalpan City Hall.

Offer: Athletics, swimming, boxing, judo, basketball.

Requirements: Application for admission, payment of registration and monthly payment.

Where to go?


Location: Av. Miguel Hidalgo esq. Boulevard Fuentes Brotantes, Tlalpan

Offer: Diving and swimming.

Requirements: Application for admission, proof of address, medical exam, payment of registration and monthly payment.

NOTE.- In all cases the quotas are limited and the registration and maintenance or monthly fees depend on each discipline and facility.

Where to go?


Location: Benito Juárez Xalpa Sports Unit (Campos Grijalva 2, Col, San Antonio, Mayor’s Office Azcapotzalco) Cuauhtémoc Unit (Effort National S/N, Naucalpan) Morelos Unit (Calz. San Juan de Aragón 311, San Pedro El Chico, Mayor’s Office Gustavo A Wood); Independencia Unit (Río Chico S/N, Independencia Batan Sur, Magdalena Contreras Mayor’s Office).

Offer: Diving, swimming, team sports (soccer, basketball and volleyball).

Requirements: Official identification, proof of address and application for use of facilities. Payment of registration and fee. Depending on the sport to be practiced, certain documents or procedures are requested.

Where to go?



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