When PSG uses raptors to protect its lawn

LE SCAN SPORT – Pigeons are not welcome on the lawn of the Parc des Princes.

If PSG has the most beautiful lawn in France, it is no coincidence. The capital club has secured the services of an English master in the field, Jonathan Calderwood, often rewarded for the quality of his work. But a beautiful lawn requires work, maintenance, pampering. What pigeons and other Parisian birds have nothing to do with. The French champions and their lawn care manager therefore called on Fauconnerie Christophe Puzin to protect the freshly sown seeds, as reported RMC . «Since Monday, June 21, three falconers take turns every day from sunrise to sunset with three Harris Hawks“, detail our colleagues.

Christophe Puzin and his birds of prey are no strangers to the world of sport. OM and FC Nantes also use the services of the falconer in Ligue 1, such as Stade Français, Racing 92 and Toulon in the Top 14, but also many municipalities, large public or private companies…


We are talking here about a technique called “scaring by biopredation». «The objective is to scare the species of birds that cause nuisance in different environments to leave the places they occupy. The principle is to create a climate of insecurity among undesirable birds by confronting them directly with their natural predators, thus causing their dispersion and relocation. The process of professional scaring being to put back on the sites to be treated, a natural predator of the undesirable animal species to create a hostile and unsustainable terrain“, says one on the site of the Falconry Christophe Puzin. For their first official match in 2022-23 at the Parc des Princes, in mid-August against Montpellier, Kylian Mbappé and company can be reassured: they will play on their usual billiards.



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