What to remember from Aulas and Textor’s press conference on the sale of OL

No change in the organization chart

John Textor said there will be no immediate changes in the management of the club: “There will be no changes in the organization chart, that’s not the goal,” highlighting his confidence in Jean-Michel Aulas who “is much more experienced, promising a “autonomy” at the club.

Jean-Michel Aulas also confirmed his retention at the club: “The fourth point was that I could stay with the management team. It was not an absolute obligation but it was a wish of all the people taking part in this operation.

Textor pays for PSG

“I think daydreaming is very important. We want to win championships, return to the European scene. I hope that in the next few years we can win a Champions League. I don’t like models like PSG with super athletes. I hope we can win against them next season.” clarified John Textor who repeatedly sent spades to Paris Saint-Germain as well as to all the sovereign funds in football.

However, he did not explain his plan to counter these “oligarchs who run clubs” : «I have no recipe or strategy to beat state clubs.

The sportsman for Aulas, the finances for Textor

John Textor was clear, sporting decisions will remain in the hands of Jean Michel Aulas: “I don’t choose a coach. I don’t take part in it. It is Jean-Michel Aulas who makes this kind of decision.

President Aulas confirmed that this visit by Textor corresponded to several points, mainly economic: “Respond to ambitious aspirations and subscribe to a capital increase of €86 million which will be devoted in part to recruitment to strengthen the teams”



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