What no longer works in football, does in handball: Barcelona win the Champions League | handball

The high mass of handball was held in Cologne, Germany. The audience, 20,000 strong, saw a final to die for.

An intense battle resulted in a 28-28 score after regular time. Two seconds before the end, Kielce had come alongside and thus dragged an extension out of the fire.

Also in the extra 10 minutes, Barcelona and Kielce did not give each other an inch. As in the second half, no team managed to build a bonus of more than 1 goal.

With a 32-32 tie there was still no winner. Penalties then. And therein turned out to be a difference between the Spaniards and the Poles. Barcelona won 5-3 to extend its European title as a club.

It was the second time in the history of the Champions League that penalty throws had to determine a winner. The first time was in 2016 and that was precisely with Kielce as the winner.

It is already the 11th Champions League trophy for Barcelona. It is the first club to win the Champions League twice in a row.



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