What is a pitching form that prevents injuries and increases ball speed? “Almost 100% successful” under the guidance of former Waseda Ace | Full-Count

Saint Uchida teaches children how to throw their elbows so that they do not extend beyond the chest line.

After retiring as a player, there is a former Koshien baseball player who has updated the fastest straight ball to 154km for hardball and 155km for softball. Saint Uchida, who teaches players in a wide range of categories from boys’ baseball children to professionals under the theme of “how to suppress batters,” said “keep your elbows out” in order to reduce the risk of injury and increase the ball speed. I will list it. He incorporates a big ball throwing menu as one of the exercises to learn how to use the ideal body.

Mr. Uchida, who runs the baseball academy “NEO LAB” in Tokyo, is visited by a variety of players, from boys’ baseball children to professionals, regardless of age or career. Most of them are pitchers who aim to increase the ball speed.

Mr. Uchida participated in the summer Koshien when he was in the second year of Waseda Jitsugyo High School, and played in Waseda University, JX-ENEOS, and even in the US independent league. Currently, he is teaching “how to suppress batters” as the main theme by combining his own experience with new knowledge and skills. Many professional baseball players also participate in his online salon, and Mr. Uchida’s thinking is drawing attention.

“Ball speed” has been pursued by Mr. Uchida as one of the ways to suppress batters. He has tried and errored how to transfer the power of the whole body to his fingertips without straining his elbows and shoulders. And he arrived at “a throwing form that does not push the elbow forward”. In the baseball world, the instruction of the form that puts the elbow forward has been the mainstream for many years, but Mr. Uchida also teaches boys’ baseball children how to throw the elbow so that it does not come out in front of the chest line.

“Putting your elbows forward puts a strain on your elbows and shoulders, increasing your risk of injury.”

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