What Eduardo Domínguez said about Gallardo’s call to Aliendro: the player targeted by Independiente would go to River Plate

One of the great novels of the current transfer market is undoubtedly the future of Rodrigo Aliendro, the footballer of Colón from Santa Fe who will have the pass in his possession at the end of that month. That Independent had it closed, that Velez Sarsfield was interested, that Boca Juniors I would take it since it has the same representative as Juan Román Riquelme and the last chapter, which Marcelo Gallardo communicated with the 31-year-old midfielder and ended up convincing him to add him to River Plate.

About these rumors and transcended, Eduardo Domínguez spoke at the conference press after the great victory of Independiente against Estudiantes de la Plata in Avellaneda. “The real picture I don’t know. I’ve been locked up for two days thinking about this game and we knew the difficulties that we were going to encounter and also the needs that we as a team had to immediately bring out what happened to us with Argentines and with our people. Show them what we want to show people. Obviously, the last minutes have been suffered but as they generally go for those last minutes, they have not suffered, that is important. So I don’t know the situation picture ”, Barca began, as an analysis of the present of his team.

However, he did not want to dodge the answer and on the transcendence of River Plate’s alleged interest, he added emphatically: “Obviously he is a great player, so It wouldn’t bother me if River’s coach noticed him, like the coach of Boca, which I don’t know if it’s to his liking. I’m not going to get involved and think about whether he called him or the other coach… No, we have to work for and for Independiente. For our belief and for others to work for their clubs. I’m not going to investigate whether he really called him or not and if he would talk to Rodrigo, I’m not going to ask him ‘did he call you?’ I don’t know, it’s a matter for him and the other clubs”.

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“We have to worry, prioritize, focus and improve for this whole issue. because if we continue in the same way, we are standing in the same place and that means that we are not moving forward, and we must move forward”, stressed the coach of the Red, who in turn clarified that Aliendro, whom he directed in Colón de Santa Fe, never assured him that he would join his club. “The decision is made by the player. The At no time did he give me the floor, but he is enthusiastic and likes our project. He is free of Colón, he wants to change and we want to count on him. We can do to some extent. He has to be calm to decide. I don’t care or care if River called Aliendro. Everyone works for their club.”

Returning to the match against Estudiantes de La Plata, Eduardo Domínguez highlighted: “We are not what we show on the Argentinian pitch. Today we liked how we played. We started better in the second half and hit at the right moments. We were able to control a very difficult rival. We seize the moment, that’s what it’s all about.” In addition, regarding the debut of Iván Marcone, who entered fifteen minutes from the end, he said that he “looks very eager”.

For his part, the former player of Lanús, Boca Juniors and Elche from Spain, confessed: “I fulfilled my lifelong dream.” The midfielder debuted in the team he is a fan of. “I’ve been a fan almost since before I could remember, and that’s why this is a dream come true.” This is a life dream fulfilled. When the time came to enter I felt many things, but the feeling of playing with this shirt is priceless, “he said, excited, in dialogue with TNT Sports.

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“The coach Eduardo Domínguez asked me to collaborate in the recovery to sustain the onslaught of Estudiantes, who came with everything, and luckily everything was complete because we took three much-needed points,” he said after the 2-1 win over Pincha . While the figure on the court, Leandro Fernández stressed that he feels “better and better and with a performance that is on the rise. That’s why converting the second penalty goal gives even more confidence”.

”This victory was very necessary, but this team is here to go step by step and to continue to rise we need reinforcements, because now we have to play on Thursday in Jujuy against Atlético Tucumán for the Copa Argentina and that is a very important tournament to get into the Liberators. Two players per position are needed for that, ”he remarked, thus launching a strong message at the end of the talk.


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