Werder Bremen: Transfer needs! Ole Werner wants new players!

Bremen – The plan hasn’t really worked out yet: by the time the training camp starts, those responsible at SV Werder Bremen want the new squad to be largely assembled. “The framework will definitely be in place,” Clemens Fritz, head of professional football, recently told the DeichStube. A good week before leaving for Austria, defenders Amos Pieper and Niklas Stark are new, as is perspective player Dikeni Salifou. “It’s clear that we still have to do something – and we will do it,” emphasized head coach Ole Werner at the start of training on Wednesday.

It quickly became clear that the 34-year-old trainer has his dry sense of humour SV Werder Bremen not lost even during the holiday period that has just ended. When he was on the league rivals Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund and their well-known Transfers Sadio Mané, Mario Götze and Sébastien Haller was spoken to, he only replied with a laugh: “With the three of us we’re probably out of the race.” Yes Ole Werner Wouldn’t be Ole Werner if he didn’t immediately go back to the essentials.

“Joking aside. We take care of our tasks and make sure that we find the best possible players for us, ”explained the coach Werder Bremen. “Of course you want to have the team together as early as possible, especially as a promoted player. In the end, however, it is always important that the decisions on the transfer market are the right ones and appropriate – rather than that they are quick.” And that is why he cannot guarantee that by the time of the training camp in Zell am Ziller (June 30 to August 10). July) more new faces appear at the Osterdeich. “I’m always optimistic, but it’s difficult to make precise commitments because it depends on several parties. You don’t know exactly what happens in a transfer phase like this,” he says Ole Werner.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner on transfers: “It’s clear that we still have to do something”

And if everything had gone well, then would be Werder Bremen yes, much further. Sarpreet Singh’s move failed due to an inflammation of the pubic bone, Daniel-Kofi Kyereh decided against Bremen. “The transfer window is still a bit open,” said Ole Werner. “With what we have already done, we have already taken a first step.” Timely, and he repeated that Coaches again, reinforcements on the two flanks, in central midfield and in the offensive are to follow.

Eventually wants Werder Bremen ideally also annoy Mané, Götze and Co. “We will compete against these players and their teams and sell our skin as dearly as possible,” announced Ole Werner on. The head coach will watch in amazement at the new celebrities in the Bundesliga at least not. “We didn’t step up to take a close look at these players. Then I could also get a ticket for the grandstand.” (mbü)



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