“We have to do something extraordinary”

At 20:45 there will be the duo ball of game one of the final promotion between Scafati and Cantù at PalaMangano. A sold-out building is again expected, and a decidedly bills climate. For this the Brianza are sharpening their weapons. “We are facing a really strong team that will be able to count on a very important advantage – declared Luca Vitali -, that is the home factor. A field, moreover, decidedly difficult and that will certainly play in their favor due to the great warmth and support. of the Scafati audience. All this, however, must be an extra stimulus for us, because, if we want to realize the dream of bringing Cantù back to where it deserves, then we need to do something extraordinary “. “Cantù is a very physical and talented team and is the team to beat in the A2 series, as well as Udine – said coach Alessandro Rossi -. We will find ourselves in the presence of the best version of Cantù, the one that will field great intensity and concentration. with the aim of making as few mistakes as possible, because in the end the team that will make fewer serious mistakes and that will maintain lucidity in key moments will win. With the addition of Vitali they have put the icing on the cake of an already competitive roster, because they have a highly experienced athlete, who knows how to control the pace of play and knows how to trigger his teammates with the right times. We are aware of Cantù’s strength, but also of our strength. The advantage of the home factor, which we have conquered and deserved on the field, we keep it tight, also because so far we have had a good performance within the friendly walls, but it is not the only thing that will count in this series, because – concluded the Gialloblù coach – the level is so high that it will be only one of the various components of this important challenge “.



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