watch out for Chelsea for De Ligt, everything is ok on Pogba. And of Mary …

TORINO – The Juventus transfer market is coming to a head. There was a meeting with the lawyer Rafaela Pepper who is Mino’s heir Raiola. Filippo tells us everything Crow: «In Milan, Juve executives held a summit with the Brazilian who represents Matthijs among others De Ligt and Paul Pogba. The good news for the Juventus fans is that for the Frenchman there are no problems, everything is fine for his return. There are only tax issues to settle due to the fact that he comes from the Premier“. And in Premir the sirens continue for Adrien Rabiot and especially for De Ligt. “And yes, Chelsea mean business and are ready for anything for the Dutch defender. Maybe not to pay the 120 million clause, but to put in important counterparts, yes“. Plan B for De Ligt was also to renew the contract expiring in 2024… But if the British insist and find the right formula, it is possible that the negotiation will be successful. To close, Angel hasn’t arrived yet Of Maria… «Also hoping that Carlitos Tevez don’t go too hard and don’t convince him immediately to return to Argentina at Rosario Central, Juve is waiting for the answer, always with optimism. On the other hand, he did everything he could. All that remains is to keep waiting …».

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Chelsea like De Ligt, Di Maria waiting, Pogba on the way

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