WAC and Austria start preparing


The two Bundesliga clubs Austria Klagenfurt and WAC started their team training ahead of the new season on Monday. With the exception of a few players, everyone has already trained. Both teams are said to have newcomers.

Newcomers Andy Irving, Christopher Wernitznig, Moritz Berg and Nikola Djoric were also in high spirits when Austria Klagenfurt started training. Before the league starts in five weeks, something should definitely be done in terms of personnel. The club has given up two goalkeepers and still has to do something here, said sporting director Matthias Imhof. A replacement for winger Alex Timossi Andersson and a backup for striker Markus Pink are also still being sought.


The four new signings of Austria

Season goal relegation

When it comes to goals, Klagenfurt remains on the ground despite reaching the championship round last season. “The pressure from the public is a bit higher,” said Imhof. It’s easy to say that after reaching the upper playoffs you want to play internationally next year, but that’s utopian, said Imhof. The goal is to fix relegation as quickly as possible.

Three friendlies are currently planned for the Klagenfurt team, including one against Southampton in the Premiere League on July 18th. But there should be another test, probably against a team from Carinthia.

WAC with a much younger team

In Wolfsberg, the team has become much younger this year
and with Nikolas Veratschnig, Adis Jasic and Ervin Omic three U19 national team players in the squad, who are currently playing at the European Championships – but there will also be other commitments for the wolves. The team is 95 percent but one or two players will be added, said WAC President Dietmar Riegler. Loan players from big clubs like Salzburg could still be loaned out, said Riegler.

WAC player


Players are still being signed at the WAC

Difficult task for coach Robin Dutt

After the departure of the veterans Michael Liendl, Alexander Kofler and Christopher Wernitznig, it will also be the task of coach Robin Dutt to establish a new positive group dynamic. You can simply set the rules or let the team work out the rules and implement them, said Dutt. The wolves will play their first friendly on Friday at 5 p.m. in Bad St. Leonhard. A total of six tests are planned before the start of the season.



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