Volley Nations League: poker Italy, also beats Brazil

The beaten and the wall of the blue smash the hosts, vice Olympic champions. A week without defeats for Mazzanti’s team

Italy changes formation again for this last match of the Brasilia grouping in the Nations League. Malinov in the direction, Egonu opposite, Bosetti and Degradi crushers and central Bonfacio-Lubian. It is precisely the central that causes the first break with its insidious services, while Zé Roberto tries to stop the blue fury. Gabi and Julia B try in vain. Italy is in great shape with Malinov able to inspire her companions in turn.

Brazil 1-3 Italy (17-25, 15-25, 25-14, 14-25)

The music does not change in the second part, with the Italian reception supporting their setter well, while that of the hosts (pushed by the torcida of the Nelson Arena) often goes into difficulty. And so the easy blue success also arrives in the second set. Zé Roberto changes again and Brazil pushes more to serve: the Italian reception goes into confusion, Guerra and Bosio enter (in the direction), the mail set is now marked and the verdeoro win the set that reopens the game. But it is only a momentary gap. The “owners” are back and Davide Mazzanti’s team returns to grind the game and points. With the Italian wall always keeping a good watch, while the joke continues to put pressure on the second line of the Brazilians. The race is marked and Italy closes with the 4th victory in four races in this Brazilian week. An excellent viaticum on the road to the Ankara finals in mid-August.



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