Vinicius responds clearly to PSG and Benzema’s resounding spade

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After a season where he really hatched in the Real Madrid attack, Vinicius is a player who arouses envy. And in particular that of PSG if we believe the information from Marca last weekend. In an interview with the show Bem, Amigos! on SportTV, Vinicius responded quite clearly to outside desires.

“I will continue in the biggest in the world. It’s only just begun. I have many things to conquer. I hope to be able to tell many things at the end of my career. »

A Vinicius who also evoked the legendary spade of Karim Benzema, who had tackled Vinicius in 2020 with Ferland Mendy at half-time in a Champions League match.

” Nothing happened. Karim loves me very much. He always went out of his way to help me. The next day he came to talk to me, he said that was not it. I’ve always taken it on the positive side. He always gives everything for me on the pitch. »

Vinicius, finally, spoke about his relations with the other big names in Brazil, Ronaldio first of all who advised him to “celebrate the title well”. But also his admiration for Neymar. He’s our best player. The rivals always focus on him more and he asks us to run in space because he has a great quality to be able to find us. He does everything for me, he’s a great friend. Also for the youngest. The pressure is greater for him being older. He calls it responsibility. It also takes it away from us, from those who arrive. Playing for the national team is a lot of pressure, but you get used to it. »

to summarize

While PSG would have tried to place their pawns for the future with Vinicius, the Real Madrid winger responded in the Brazilian press. The opportunity also to come back to a scoring spade from Karim Benzema towards him.



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