Vincent Gérard ends “in the most beautiful way” with Paris

Vincent Gérard, the PSG goalkeeper, who leaves the capital club for Saint-Raphaël, after the victory against Nantes in the Coupe de France: “I end my story with Paris in the most beautiful way by leaving PSG at the top of the bill with a performance of 30 out of 30 (in the league, editor’s note). (About the failure in the Champions League) that can’t be erased, that’s how it is.

Afterwards, I’m quite proud of the two Champions League matches (30-30 then 33-32 defeat against Kiel, editor’s note), we fought a lot but unfortunately we need a loser and a winner. (On next season) It’s a bit far, I work in the short term. First I’m going to take a well-deserved vacation, then we’ll see about Saint-Raphaël.»

Raul Gonzalez (PSG coach):We made the necessary effort throughout the match, we can be happy. I know some have other plans but I’m not worried about the team.»

Mickael Robin (Nantes goalkeeper):We lacked audacity, we were naive, to beat PSG, it makes for a great match and no mistakes.»

Dragan Pechmalbec (Nantes pivot): “I have regrets about our level of play, we gave them too much freedom.»



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