Vince Carter’s home burglarized in the presence of his family

The Carter family, based in the upscale neighborhood of Buckhead, north of Atlanta, received an unpleasant visit this weekend. The Atlanta police report that burglars entered the home of Vince Carter in his absence, Sunday, shortly before midnight.

After hearing a loud noise of glass breaking, Vince Carter’s wife, accompanied by her two children, had to hide in a closet to call the police and send a message to the neighborhood patrol. A first officer saw a man flee in a black SUV without being able to catch him.

On the scene, the Atlanta police were able to see the damage, and that the family of the former dunkeur is fortunately safe and sound. On the other hand, the bag in which Vince Carter kept $100,000 in cash evaporated.

Outside the home, the police also found “a large amount of 100 dollar bills scattered on the floor”, a sign that the burglars fled in a panic. There would be for 16,000 dollars, a small part of the loot with which the criminals fled.

Two firearms were also found. The “Desert Eagle” actually belonged to Vince Carter, while the Glock 26 was allegedly left behind by one of the burglars. A fingerprint was also found.

After retiring from playing, Vince Carter bought this property in August 2020 for nearly $7 million. Consultant on ESPN and author of a series of documentaries on the history of basketball for ESPN +, the former dunker has also launched his own podcast, which will be called “The VC Show”.



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