VIDEO. Pays de Fougères: What’s in the Chronicle this week?

34 municipalities bearing the name of Saint-Georges will be represented this weekend in Saint-Georges-de-Reintembault. The opportunity to offer a big free party. ©The Republican Chronicle

The Republican Chroniclethe weekly Ferns and its region, came out this Thursday, June 23, 2022.

And, if you can’t (want) to get it in the usual points of sale, the Chronicle can also be read in digital version.

One of the week
One of the week (©The Republican Chronicle)


After two successful years of existence, the International Football Center will enter another dimension. Its owners decided to move up a gear and made colossal investments. ©The Republican Chronicle

Close to Fernsle mega sports complex project from Wood Guy in Parigné.

You will also find

q ©The Republican Chronicle

On the Web. Too radio brings the music of the 80s back to life.

Miscellaneous facts. Deadly brawl in the city center of Ferns.

Miscellaneous facts. The swimming pool robbed, they attack the safe with the grinder.

Pollution. A polluted waterway, themushroom factory Lou questioned.

Legislative. The pass of four for Thierry Benoit, without shaking.

Book. Yves Bourel retraces the old miscellaneous facts of the country of Fougères.

In Fougeres

In mid-May, the Animal Friends Refuge and the firefighters rescued an abused husky dog.  A month later, she is much better.
In mid-May, the Animal Friends Refuge and the firefighters rescued an abused husky dog. A month later, she is much better. (©The Republican Chronicle)

The story. Phoenixthe dog saved from hell is reborn.

Commerce. Hervé and Sylvie Goupil leave their Croissant bakery.

Swimming pool. The Aquatis closes for works… But the emptying will take place this winter.

Horseback riding, swimming, tree climbing, mini-camps: plenty of activities this summer in Chenedet.

Au Public gardenthe Ephemeral tavern takes its mark.

Without forgetting, the zoom on a business, the association of the week, commercial news and many other subjects.

What do you think of the sculptures Between earth and sky, distributed this summer in town as part of Place aux arts? Three opinions to help you make up your mind… ©La Chronique Républicaine

In the municipalities

In Landéan, the pharmacy has not found a buyer for five years...
In Landéan, the pharmacy has not found a buyer for five years… ©La Chronique republicaine

Around Fougeres:

A landeanthe pharmacy hasn’t found a buyer for five years…

Around Louvigné:

This weekend, the St. George of France are going to party… with you.

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About Maen Roch:

Le Stopover Village label is it useful?

Around Val Couesnon:

The place ofHome Children-Parents at the start of the school year in Val Couesnon.

Around Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier:

Example : volunteer firefighter, he can quit his job to help.

Around Liffre:

A new real estate project in Liffré.

The Village Stage label has just been renewed for five years in Maen Roch. An important asset for attracting travelers from the A 84, sure to find many services there. ©The Republican Chronicle

In sports and leisure

In sports, four pages to talk about dodgeball, young talent (the Jumelais tennis player), basketball, badminton, horse riding, judo, archery, walking (and a world favorite by Léna Auvray), cycling, running, football (from recruits to the AGL Drapeau in N3) and golf (with ex-pro footballers as guest stars)…

Concerts, exhibitions, balls, visits, unpacking… In leisure, two pages to know what to see, what to do. Focus on concerts and the first Maen Roch railway show.

But also…

The Chronicle, finally, would not be complete without its pages of classified ads and games.

Good reading ! And to next week.

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