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The two boxers met face to face for the first time since their first fight last September. At that time, the victory was won by Usiks after the decision of the judges.

The long-awaited revenge fight will take place on August 20 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Both boxers have already started performing media duties and participated in the first press conference.

Both Joshua and Usic made brief comments on the upcoming and past battles.

“I’m glad to be here. As we already know, the situation [Ukrainā], not the best, but let ‘s do our job. I have not prepared a long and bright speech. I just work hard at the gym. “I will continue to do so until the day of the fight, when I will go to the ring and make you happy with my boxing,” said Usik.

Joshua, on the other hand, expressed confidence that for the second time in his career he would be able to regain the belts he had previously owned. However, he did not deny that he lost to a better boxer for the first time.

“Usic hit me in the back. I have to take it as a man. I hold myself accountable. I admit my mistakes when I make them. I also go with my head held high when I did the right thing. Last September I made mistakes and he fought “In August, I have to try to turn the situation around,” Joshua said.

After a small press conference, the two boxers faced each other for the first time since the first fight.

Wick will defend his World Heavyweight Championship belts in the upcoming fight.

The next press conference of the two boxers will take place in London on June 29.



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