Viaplay comes with compensation for customers who continue to have problems

After pressure from the Consumers’ Association, streaming service Viaplay has decided to come up with a compensation scheme for customers who can prove that the service is not working properly.

Since the launch of the new streaming service in the Netherlands in March, there have been regular complaints about the quality of the stream. Not only did the image sometimes disappear, it also took a while before the Formula 1 spectacle could sometimes be seen again. In addition, the quality of the stream was not always satisfactory. The Consumers’ Association has now also become involved. They called on the Scandinavian party to finally take action. The streaming service has not ignored that advice.


Viaplay will compensate customers who can demonstrate that the streaming service’s equipment is not working properly. It is important that the consumer can prove that his or her own network meets the minimum requirements. The Consumers’ Association is of the opinion that if a customer succeeds in this, a price reduction should follow for the period that the consumer has been bothered by the problems. In addition, customers should also be able to get out of the subscription and get their money back. Viaplay has promised to compensate customers, although they believe it should be clear that the problems are due to the streaming service.

Positive turn

The director of the Consumers’ Association, Sanda Molenaar, is positive about the streaming service’s attitude. “It’s good to see the company moving,” she says. According to her, there are still many customers waiting for a solution, so the Scandinavian organization cannot start soon enough. “Viaplay cannot get rid of it by stating that the cause of the problems does not lie with the company itself. We are therefore keeping a close eye on whether Viaplay keeps its promise”, the organization that protects the interests of consumers promises. rises.



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