Very courted, JaVale McGee seeks a multi-year contract

At one o’clock from the opening of the Free Agency 2022 – midnight in Paris – JaVale McGee is one of those extremely under-considered files. His one-year lease in Phoenix is ​​coming to an end and, failing an agreement with the Suns before the big fair, the interior is courted by several franchises. Who will get this very nice back-up on post 5?

“Mockery is a cartridge in the magazine of the mocker” : who said that ? Baruch Spinoza, wrapped in his linen sheets, then composing a thesis on the development of man in a hostile environment? Or perhaps Sylvain Grieski, Serbian philosopher of the 19th century, who bequeathed his life in search of transcendence? No, the man of letters responsible for this wonderful metaphor is a TrashTalk editor, posed in calbar in front of his PC, who must wrap this paper before going to take out his laundry. toy of Shakkit’ A Fool on his first half of his career – from 2008 to 2015 – JaVale McGee is now a three-time NBA champion (2017, 2018 & 2020). His stints at Golden State and under the Lakers label revealed a strength of character that few suspected existed. At 34, he is no longer the clown of the national antenna and enforces his status as an NBA player. So much so that a free agent this summer – and according to information from John Gambadoro of the radio Arizona Sports – McGee would be courted by Milwaukee, Dallas and Brooklyn. His contractual wish is spread over several years, a requirement that the Suns would struggle to meet. The problem is that this file is heating up in parallel with the probable departure of Deandre Ayton. If the two pieces of information are successful, the Arizona franchise would lose – in JaVale and Deandre – the big chunk of its rotation at position 5. Hey, James Jones and all his clique are really going to balk at two years of contract? Must go, if only to secure a zest of stability.

We have given you back highlights from JaVale McGee on the 2018-19 season which was – without much debate – the most successful of his career. This is also the last time the Lakers have correctly used a role player. Over the 2021-22 fiscal year, in Phoenix, the 18th choice of the 2008 Draft posed averages of 9.2 points at 63% shooting, 6.7 rebounds and 1.1 blocks. He played 74 games – including 17 as a starter – and played almost 16 minutes a night. For its statistical production, the performance is exceptional. If we look at the three suitors of JaVale, retained by John Gambadoro, none is less than the title. The Bucks lack a second pivot behind Brook Lopez. We saw it in the Playoffs: when the shots from the parking lot don’t come in, you have to find easy points. The drive-lob-tomar relationship between Jrue Holiday/Giannis Antetokounmpo and JaVale McGee would allow it. In Dallas, the situation is the same. The arrival of Christian Wood brings a little verticality but the Texan workforce still only has one position 5, Dwight Powell. As for Brooklyn, the roster is slimming down and Sean Marks is playing very big on this Free Agency 2022. Without role players to surround Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving – we don’t dare to include Ben Simmons in the equation yet – the Nets will not progress. In this All-Stars support policy, JaVale McGee has the right profile. He was an excellent lieutenant under LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Perhaps even the best that the two men had in Los Angeles.

JaVale McGee has beautiful eyes: Suns, Bucks, Mavericks and Nets are in love. Go get dressed and don’t arrive late, this kind of case in which a player is very courted usually ends quite early in the night.



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