Veracruz wins a medal in breaking at the CONADE 2022 National Games

Veracruz was awarded the silver medal in the Youth category (16-23 years) in the debut of the disciplina de breaking in the National Games CONADE 2022discipline based in La Paz in Baja California Sur.

Break dance, which will be an Olympic sport in Paris 2024, was included this year as part of the agenda of disciplines that see action at the Conade 2022 Nationals.

The breakingn competition took place at the La Paz Convention Center, where Córdoba-born Jael “Bboy Bubu” López finished in second place in the Youth category (16-23 years old) and won the silver medal.

Veracruz had two representatives in that category, Marco Antonio “Bboy Nuco” Carreño and Jael “Bboy Bubu” Lopez, who was the only one to advance in the competition.

Then, “Bboy Bubu” López in the round robin rounds advanced undefeated by overcoming his opponents “Bboy Yered” from Quintana Roo, “Bboy Vlady” from the State of Mexico and “Bboy Flev” from Coahuila, and advancing directly to the semifinals.

In the semifinal phase, the Cordovan defined his pass to the final with great technique and style against his similar from the state of Coahuila, “Bboy Puga”.

Already in the Final and definition of medals, the B-Boy from Veracruz faced the Poblano “Bboy Boy Boy“.


The breakers gave their best on the track, and after two qualifying rounds the jury declared the representative from Puebla the winner and, therefore, the silver medal went to the Veracruz native.

The Veracruz delegation also had representation in the Junior categories, with Alma Regina Hermenegildo “Bbgirl Flexi” who advanced to the round-robin phase.

Also with Bryan Joseph Montes “Bboy Joseph”, in the men’s branch of the same category and closed his participation in the round prior to the semifinals.

In the Youth categories, Valeria Mendoza “Bgirl Vale” stayed in the preliminary rounds.





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